Brewdog: Hello My Name Is Beastie (Scotland: IIPA: 8.2% ABV)

Visual: Clear amber with small whiteish layer of bubbles. Slightly reddened mid body.

Nose: Fresh and slightly tart. Blueberry, twigs and gooseberry mix.  Toffee malt undertones. Shortbread.

Body: Good bitterness. Tart freshness. Pink grapefruit. Fudge backing. The gooey sauce from glacier cherries. Sour grapes. Slight blackberry. Strawberry.

Finish: Blackberry. Bitterness, hops and pineapple. Twigs. Passion fruit.

Conclusion: As someone who found “Hello My Name Is Ingrid” very close to Hardcore IPA, I was expecting much the same from this. My mistake. Kind of.

There is Hardcore evident, but with an additional tartness that brings Hardcore NZ to mind. The berries take it past that further still, giving a real fruit tartness and very good berry influence top and tail. The dark berries linger amongst the hop presence of the finish, and make for a delicious way to round out every sip.  Main body the berries don’t slouch, but does allow the fresh hops to take centre stage. The extra tartness and fruit flavours tingle around the edges in the same taste area as the malt fudge like sweetness. There the two flavours complement each other very well.

The bramble berries feel more robust that Ingrid’s cloudberries, and add more to the beer without make it lose any of its craftfully hopped bitterness balanced against the malt. It is a beer where you get a real win for the berry influence without losing any of the base beer.

Frankly this gives the IIPA that extra bit of edge it needed, freshening and adding even more bite without becoming harsh and undrinkable. A dark and fresh fruit mix of bittertart pleasure.

Good job boys, good job.

Background: Hello my name is Ingrid was a beer last year from Brewdog that was made with cloudberries, this time around they decided to go with brambles as the berries to choose, for a more Scottish style.  I enjoyed Ingrid but found it pretty close to standard Hardcore IPA.  This one however I was warily looking forwards to.  As always I am not an unbiased actor on Brewdog beers.