Nashville and Knoxville down.  Only a short stop in Knoxville where we hit the prohibition pub for some music and a wind down.   Barely managed to buy a drink all night due to the friendliness of the locals (including one great moment where I asked if they did half pints of beer, and the bar staff said “Technically no” then poured me a small glass and gave it to me for free.  Always a way to help a good mood.)

Nashville was busy as hell with a college American football game on while we were visiting. The place is filled to the brim with good local breweries and live music. Seriously, you can barely walk into a joint without some kind of music going on. Saw a great rendition of “The devil went down to Georgia” in one bar.  Met a fellow beer writer and blogger (albeit with him having many many years of experience over me) at the Blackstone pub and had a great chat. Due to dodgy wi-fi I’ve not had a chance to check out his site yet, but if it’s half as a knowledgeable as talking with him it should be a good one.  Boscos also had a great set of bar staff to talk to, and I have the horrid feeling I messed up my mental calculations and tipped less than I intended there. If you are reading this, many apologies. (I’m still not used to tipping here and fear I vary between wildly over and under tipping)

Found a good few beers Michael Jackson recommended in Nashville, and the people here are justifiably proud of their friendliness and music. I still don’t understand American Football though.

Next up Memphis then Baton Rouge

For anyone looking for the usual beer reviews, they are temporarily on hold due to the road trip of awesome – don’t worry, I’ve got a good chunk of reviews done which I will write up when I get back to England.