Moon River: Turtle Moon Rye-Zin (rye-‘zn) (USA: Hefeweizen: 3.9% abv)

Visual: Very cloudy orange brown with a light white dust over it for a head.

Nose: Banana. Quite wheat filled and with light cloves.

Body: Banana bread. Slightly spicy, Rye bread. Spiced blood orange. Cloves. Wheat and toffee.

Finish: Banana. Pancakes. Slightly spicy.  Moderate bitterness. Dried spice jar. Quite a dry texture with it.

Conclusion: I had tried a slightly lackluster hefeweizen the day before from a different brewery which had left me with the question of if the USA could do the German style justice.  Also could they stop putting fruit in it, contrary to popular opinion that is not a common German tradition and it fecks up the beers head. Anyway this little eye opener then turned up.

The basic gist of the German weisse has been taken and kicked to a spicy place. It is like a spicy bourbon influenced weisse, which I take to be the ryes influence. The beer keeps nicely to the traditional banana and cloves properties, the beer is cloudy, and there is no fucking fruit in the glass. So far so good.

The addition of elements as if from a dried spice rack is interesting and could very easily be overwhelming, but used here in moderation is a welcome element. It is worth also how differently this beer hits the eye, it has a much darker colour than expected and a real cloudiness that makes the beer nearly opaque.  When the first bite is taken with the eye this whets the apatite.

It’s not a beer that will unseat the top hefeweizens, but it is different enough to make its own impact. It takes the idea of the light cloves element and ramps it up to make for a beer that leaves your tongue neatly seasoned by the end.  Not a beer I could have a lot of, the spice that makes it initially enjoyable does get irritating near the end of a pint.  In a smaller glass though it would be perfect. I do wonder what the base weisse would be like on its own, it seems to have not so much bitter as banoffee influenced taste, a solid one to work from for such an experimental beer.

Overall a great fun experiment and a solid beer.

Background: Rate beer has this listed as rye-‘zn, the Moon River board as Rye-Zin.  A lot of confusion already.  We visited the Moon River Brewpub in Savannah on the Road Trip Of Awesome.  This was a collaboration with Terrapin Brewery. A Hefeweizen made with rye added. That was such an odd idea I had to give it a try. Moon River also do an excellent IPA which I intended to review but never got the chance to do so.