Boscos Famous Flaming Stone Beer (USA: Traditional Ale (Stone Beer): 4.8% ABV)

Visual: Light banana yellow to amber orange. Thin white dust of a head.

Nose: Light banana and vanilla.

Body: Wheat. Cloves. Overripe banana. Apricot and peach. Vanilla.

Finish: Banana. Slight chalkiness. Peach. Pineapple. Quite fresh and tart,

Conclusion: Very fresh this one, the flavours of banana and cloves call to the weissbier style but there is a lot of American fruit freshness to it. The apricot and peach flavours brighten up and complement the banana well giving a real fruity zing to it. There is a slightly chalky texture , especially in the finish. It isn’t my favourite element but it does give a dryness to balance the fruit and not let it get sickly.

A real easy drinking fruity beer, with a slightly syrupy sweetness at times. Maybe a touch too sweet, even with the chalk offset, but this was a beer that I  found a very welcome respite as I hid from the sun (hey, don’t judge, I’m an Englishman and a Yorkshire man, I distrust the sun).

Apart from the issue of the slight chalk to syrup balance it is a very nice beer. There is heaps of flavour, all delivered in such a way to give the impression of a tropical fruit filled cocktail delight. Either that or a tropical fruit smoothie that someone managed to turn into a beer.

A few minor flaws, but very tasty despite that.

Background: Well, that’s the first time Rate Beer let me down. Couldn’t find out the abv on this from the menu so looked it up on rate beer to find “abv -“. Bugger. Thankfully from beyond the grave Michael Jackson came to my aid. His book of 500 beers listed this beer and the abv of 4.8%. Warning, due to the great man having been dead a while, and that book being quite a few years old the info may be out of date. Better than a bloody dash though.  As you may have guessed this was drunk in Nashville during the road trip of awesome.  This beer has the pretty cool traditional German trick of heating up stones and putting them in the beer during brewing. Ah Germany, A mad beer inventor in it’s day and the USA has happily picked up that legacy and run with it.