Logged onto the blog today to find a sudden upsurge in hits. Now, I have often joked that I go out of my way to avoid having people find my blog. From a somewhat obscure blog name to a general lack of promotion it seems like I deliberately hide it. Actually its more that I’m rubbish at promoting than not wishing people to find the blog, so I was intrigued to find out what was responsible for such an upswing

Turns out I got linked to in an article in the Guardian at


For those who don’t know the Guardian is a pretty well respected national newspaper in the UK.   Personally I was just glad it wasn’t the Daily Mail. If they had linked to me I may have started wondering what I was doing wrong with my life.

Anyway since the article was on Black IPA’s I figured I might as well point out a few more reviews that any new visitors (Welcome everyone!) might find interesting, and what Black IPA’s I would personally recommend.

If you’re just looking for black IPA’s in general the full list I’ve tried can be found here


Also you may want to check out the Black Imperial Pale Ales, the stronger version of the style


For recommendations? Well that list is pretty much all good beers, but a lot of them are hard to find  these days being limited run beers. So as well as the linked to Libertine Black Ale I would heartily recommend Bristol Beer Factory’s Indian Ink and Stone Brewing’s Sublimely Self Righteous Ale.  Stone Brewing is an American brewery, but their beers are getting more common in the UK so with a bit of searching they should be available for people who, like me, are UK based.

For people in USA however Asheville’s Ashe Villain is excellent and well worth a try.

Anyway, for any of the regulars, a quick situation update.

The beer reviews from the USA road trip are nearly done, but with Brewdog Bristol opening up I’ve got a nice set of reviews coming from there soon, including a guest beer they had which is something very special.  As a hint, it’s a USA beer and they are the only pub in Europe to stock it.

I’m working on some columns on the USA beer scene, but I’m not sure if I’m duplicating stuff from the writing on the beer trip. If I think It’s worth posting when it’s finished I’ll put it up soon.

I’ve got a few whisky reviews coming up, but not many at the moment. Nearing 150 whisky reviews though and I have something special saved for the event. It’s from a silent distillery and should be worth the wait.

The Thus Drank Zarathustra Videos are irregular as always as they take ages to do.  I had planned to do one of Innis and Gunn’s Irish Whiskey Cask, with a guest star of a local stand up comedian Dan “Dagger“ Thomas (one of the many people called Dan Thomas on the comedy scene). Unfortunately I’ve not been able to source any of that particular beer any more. If anyone knows where I can find it let me know. Meanwhile I’m working on ideas for which beer to do next.

That’s the current situation, new beer review up later tonight hopefully.  Hope you enjoy the site!