There were two questions that we got asked more than anything else during the road trip of awesome. They came up so often that I thought it was worth answering them as a public announcement. First the second most asked question.

You’re British beer fans? Don’t you drink your beer warm?

Contrary to popular belief. No. Lager in Britain is generally served in a similar manner to in America, chilled, and carbonated from a keg. The confusion comes with real ale which is stored in a cask, with yeast in the cask for secondary fermentation. This is not chilled down as with craft ale, nor is any carbonation added. The beer is usually served with hand pulls to draw the liquid through. Despite not being chilled down the casks are stored in a cool cellar resulting in a cool but not cold beer. This is usually the temperature I aim for with beers, though over the years I have broke my hatred of chilling beers down and will experiment with different temperatures to find the best for a new beer. So no the beer is not as cold as your usual craft ale in America, but it is far from warm.

And now the most asked question of the trip, coming in many different states and on many different occasions.

Are you guys in a band?

No. How the hell did this question come up so often? Maybe it was the range of cool hats we wore. In Memphis we could understand the question coming up but we got asked it darn near everywhere. Odd. Anyway that was a public service announcement. Hope you enjoy your beer!