As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been quite prolific as of late on here. Since the road trip of awesome I’ve been running a backlog of reviews and articles. Well, to my shock, when I looked at my notebook I had no update for today. The backlog is cleared.

What does this mean for the blog for the coming days?

Well obvious I’m still drinking and reviewing, but I will be doing the done thing and visiting various family and friends over the coming holidays so may not be as frequent posting depending on where I am and what access I have. There should be at least a few updates.

While I’m at home?  Well I have a backlog of Brewdog beers since they keep bloody making them (it’s hard sometimes) and a good chunk of the twelve stouts of Christmas from Bristol Beer Factory left so they will be dominating the reviews for a while. I’ve also got the last oddity I brought back from the Road Trip Of Awesome waiting drinking, and a few beers from Denmark I’m looking forwards to try.

If I get a chance to hit some bottle shops I’m hoping to get some more Wild Beer Company stuff as they are making a heck of a lot of interesting beers at the moment, and would like to pick up some stuff from “The Mighty Hop Brewery” I bumped into the brewers from it in a pub a few weeks back – they were very friendly and enthusiastic and so would love to give their beers a try if I can find them. Corks Of Cotham seems a good bet. Also I’m hoping to try some Tiny Rebel stuff. I’ve been hearing only good things about them so far so I’ve got an eye out for them, worse case scenario their brewery isn’t that far away so I could give it a visit.

Finally I’d like to get a bit more chance to do a few cask ales. Much as I love the craft scene, its good to have hand pumped cask ale once in a while and I’ve not really been giving that the love it deserved recently.

Anyway, happy holidays to everyone. See you over the next few weeks