Brodies Vs Brewdog

Brewdog: Brodies Tayberry Berliner Weisse (Scotland: Fruit Berliner Weisse: 5.17% ABV)

Visual: Very hazy. Creamed white thin head. Bruised apricot flesh colour.

Nose: Tart. Elderberry. Raspberry. Gooseberry. Bruised peach.

Body: Lemon cheesecake/Lemon curd. Gooseberry. Very soft. Light shortbread. Tart but sweet. Strawberry. Apricot.

Finish: Lemon sherbet frothing up. Very fresh. Custard sweet traces. Dried apricot. Berry tartness. Gooseberry. Passion fruit.

Conclusion: I’ve used the term “Holographic flavours” before, when a beer has a range of flavours that seems beyond what the beer should contain. It comes up a lot with sours and lambics as it feels like the sharpness of the beer is tricking you into experiencing shimmering evanescent flavours. Despite the indication of deception the term is meant as a compliment for the sheer amazing experience such a beer brings.

Which is a long winded way of saying, wow, how fruity is this beer? Tart berries, lemon sherbet, and I could swear strawberry and dried apricot amongst others.

For all the tartness the beer feels soft and it is one of the few Berliner Weisse’s I feel I could drink by the pint. Cheesecake and biscuit base flavours help a lot with that, bringing the aforementioned softness. Reminds me of Mikkeller’s “It’s Alive” but with more wow (and for those that remember that review, no I’m not starting the “Kitteh!” thing again on account of being reasonably sane at the moment.)

Teeth drying, yet doesn’t feel that sharp, I’ve really enjoyed Brodies Sours but this just seems to add so many layers to that. Light custard sweetness, shortcake and lemon curd brought with a metric ton of fruit.

Refreshing and delicious and lemon tart. Easy to drink and a perfect summer days drink.


Background: Ok, what is the name of this? First seen as just Berliner Weisse, Then Brewdog Vs Brodies, then Tayberry Berliner Weisse. The last is most descriptive so I went with that. Drunk at Brewdog Bristol. Bias warning: Not only am I not an unbiased actor on Brewdog Beers, the staff also gave me this pint free. Massive conflict of interest going on. Ah well.  Brodies are an awesome small brewery in East London, who have already done a few Berliner Weisse sours so I’m guessing brought some experience to the mix. As the name suggest this was made with Tayberrys. When I suggested Lemon Cheesecake a staff member added lemon curd as a suggestion, which was very cool so I kept it for my review.