A man in cardboard armour costume, being hit by another man with a giant purple snake. Where else could I be but Japan?

Only a short update as it is far too early and I’m awake due to still getting used to time differences.

As well wandering the serene Ueno Park, and various shrines while eating my first pocky of the trip I also have done some activities that I’m sure everyone will be interested in. and by that I mean beer activities.

At Mejiro there is the excellent Tanakaya Wine and Spirits, despite being right next to the tube I nearly missed it due to its discrete entrance, which I have pictured below to aid future travellers. Its beer selection is both more and less impressive than last time I was there three years ago. They have a more varied selection of countries, including a lot off European stuff, but this has meant their previously exceptional American Selection is now only very good, with significantly less Hair Of The Dog beers, Dogfish Head (understandable with recent reduction in exports) and no Sam Adams Utopia or similar.


Then again, the selection is still very good and the beer prices reasonable, especially considering the distances travelled. The Japanese beer selection is off to one side, and has a reasonable selection of the growing local craft scene. The Whisky selection is insanely good, but since I can get that much more easily and cheaper back in the UK I didn’t spend too much time on it. I did pick up a few Japanese beers to sample, and one very special American Beer: Their only Hair of The Dog: Bourbon Barrel Aged Fred. Oh yes, this should be nice.

On the night hit Bakushuu Club Popeye Bar. With about 70 taps of which 50 odd were on, this place is excellent. There is a wealth of Japanese Craft beers and a good chunk of NZ, American and British beers as well. Prices are not cheap at about 700-1000 Yen for a beer depending, but quality is excellent. The place was packed and the staff rushed off their feet (Ganbatte yo!). I had to pester a staff member a few times as my order got lost one or twice, but everyone was very friendly and fellow drinkers were happy to help when my Japanese failed me. One drinker donated a coupon for a free half pint to me which was exceptionally kind, and the staff replaced my half finished Imperial Stout with a new one when they dropped a glass on the bar in front of me, just in case any glass had gone in which more than made up for rush hour delays in beer arriving. Any beer fan in Tokyo should give the place a look.

Anyway, nearly breakfast, catch you all next time I have a free moment.