Slightly recovered from jet lag and wandering the districts of Tokyo, getting lost in Shibuya before even leaving the station. No seriously, they have massive multi floor shopping areas built into their stations. I went down what I thought was a way out and ended up in a massive food hall.

Also met up with my friend Nick who showed me a massive Thai food festival that was going on in yoyogi park. It was packed, and there was much entertainment going on.

But you are here for the alcohol knowledge, no? I’ve mainly been trying the Nihonshuu (rice wine aka sake) and umeshuu (plum wine) which I wont claim to be an expert on, but I have been enjoying trying. There is such a large range here, and most far superior to what I could get in the uk.

Beer wise I have noticed your average shop will basically have sapparo and asahi, with the more adventurous maybe having echigo or yona yona ale. Food halls seem to be getting into the craft beer scene though and seem to have a reasonable supply of both local and world beers, hitachino nest, baird and the like being familiar to me, but there are quite a few more, so I’ve picked up some bottles for sampling.

Realisation of the day, W-IPA is not a white IPA, W is used to mean double here. It all makes sense!

Again sorry for the short update, trying to pack as much as I can in while I am here!

Thai Festival