Green Tea

Not much beer news today. Spent yesterday hammering huge Taiko drums, which was awesome, then went to the Hama-riku garden and drank some green tea. On top of the ritual of drinking which was intriguing, the green tea was unlike any I had tried before. Much more cloudy, a frothy texture on the tongue an much more flavoursome. A great experience in the middle of the day with water surrounding me.

Green tea is a drink, that means I am vaguely close to being on topic for this blog, but not quite.

The food here is excellent as well, had some fresh fish tempura yesterday that just fell apart in the mouth. Had warm it was like it was melting.

Anyway, yes beer.

Tried, but didn’t tasting note Kirin: Heartland yesterday on tap. Short version. Meh. Body was much thicker than standard kirin, and had some nice light banana like flavour which was pleasant, but the finish felt chemically and really brought the entire thing down. Had a free bottle of Kirin Ichiban on the night as well, much less flavour than Heartland but the finish didn’t irritate me as much. Not terrible, but a bit bland. May be psychosomatic, but the version here seems less gassy than the UK version which I think is brewed under contract in the UK rather than imported. I could be wrong though.

Anyway, there, beer notes. My job is done!