So, last day In Tokyo, don’t know what internet will be like at the next hotel so may be some radio silence for a while.

After many mix ups involving wrong opening times, I finally managed to reach a small bar called Craftheads, just outside Shibuya. This place is great. Not as wide selection of taps as Popeye, but has a quality pick, and a bottle selection to die for. Three Floyds, Hair Of The Dog, including the legendry reputation owning Hair Of The Dog Matt (hmm, tasting note nine hundred is coming up shortly…coincidence?). I didn’t get a chance to properly peruse their bourbon selection, but as you can probably see from the photo above, at first glance it looks pretty impressive.

Very much the most American style bar I have been to here in Japan, probably the craft beer scene influence. There was even a tip jar, which is nigh unique for Japan!

Popeye is better for the local Japanese craft beer scene I would say, but Craft Head has those rarities you will just not find anywhere else. Both are great!

Anyway, quick other notes. Sushi using Sashimi from the fish market right next door is probably the best I have had in my life. The raw fish just melts and it was made with just the right amount of wasabi. If you get the chance, that is the way to experience sushi.

Before I go I shall leave you with large men slapping the crap out off each other.