Hello Kitty

Hello again, been out in Togarinozawa Onsen the past couple of days, a remote area of farmland, so beer experiences have been thin on the ground. To keep your interest I am now in Matsumoto, which is very close to the Shiga Kogen brewery, so I am expected beer now to pick up.

However for anyone who gets a chance, Togarinozawa Onsen is an oft overlooked but wonderful part of Japan. The Shikisainoyado Kanoe Ryokan organised working on the local farm, then they produced meals with those freshly harvested ingredients. You really could not get fresher or more delicious. They also made a wonderful Umeshuu (plum wine), you could only have it fresh, not bottled. It tasted like a mix of grapefruit, spiced blood orange, marzipan and plums. It was lovely. Possibly the best I have ever tasted. Tart, spiced and sweet. It was heavenly. If you ever get the chance the area is beautiful and you can go from bright green landscape to four metre high ice walls on the hills in a matter of minutes by car which was breath-taking.

Anyway, as mentioned, we should have beer news again soon rather than just my ramblings. Hope you enjoyed the improvised umeshhuu tasting note!

Oh on a random note, our tour leader bought us some Locusts to try. Not actually that bad.