So, jumping a fellow travellers mobile wi-fi as we head on the shinkansen (Bullet Train) back for our final night in Tokyo. A few thoughts just to pass the time. I noticed in the supermarkets and corner shops that a lot of beers advertised themselves as “Pure Malt” or “All Malt”. This seemed odd to me, it seemed like advertising a hotel as “Containing oxygen”. I mean, it is possible that few wouldn’t, but they would be the exceptions, not something so common that you would advertise not being that.

I was wrong. Slight background. Best I can pick up there seems to be a tax break for beers containing less than a certain amount of malt. Therefore there is a quite insane of beers, usually advertising their “Smooth taste”, that are made with many…other…ingredients.

So, in the reasons of research I decided to grab one of these ridiculous crimes against nature, in this case Asahi: Honnama: Draft. Based on our tour leaders comments I prepared myself for something epically bad.

What it was? Just very dull. Couldn’t even be bothered doing a tasting note. Short version. Very smooth, tasted kind of like a watered down Budweiser that had a faint red kidney bean taste about it.

That was it. Nothing more than a grain clear colour, faintly lager like smell , and red kidney bean touched water body and finish. Not Tesco Value Lager level obscene. Just very, very dull. Not even worth trying for amusement value.


Anyway, we just left Takefu. From the swarms of kids that seemed to pop up frequently, fascinated by the strange foreigners amongst them, I’m guessing they don’t get many tourists. It was nice seeing less touristy Japan, a quieter town, away from the main streets it seemed nigh deserted. Did some Takefu knife sharpening and left with my fingers intact. I left drinking until after that experience for some reason.

Also Karaoke, well its Japan, I kind of had to. Was very surprised to see Lamb of Gods’s Laid To Rest as a choice. My voice really hurts now. The selection of far more fun than in the UK, with a good chunk of metal and punk amongst the usual cheesy pop dross.

Anyway, one more day in Japan. May get chance to put out another update, if not, see everyone when I’m back in the UK. Been a hell of a trip.