Yona Yona Real Ale

Yo-Ho: Yona Yona Pale Real Ale (Japan: American Pale Ale: 5% ABV)

Visual: Pale gold, thick dash of a head.

Nose: Apricot and cream. Sugary sweet. Light bitterness but good hop character. Banana.

Body: Creamy. Moderate bitterness. Lime and peach.

Finish: Milky mixed with hops. Bitterness is light but does grow slightly over time. Light lemongrass.

Conclusion: So, I open the games with this Japanese beer. Clear of body yet creating quite a creamy texture and taste. The flavours mix apricot, peach and lime that very much says American hops to me. Similarly the clear body says American craft beer style, but the feel on the tongue decries that, instead calling to a real ale heritage. An interesting contrast between the two countries styles meeting here in a third.

Initially the beer doesn’t seem that bitter, and admittedly it never really gets that heavy, but you do feel the hops start to cling by the end of the glass.

The flavour range is slightly simple, but the texture is well made. The thickness does mean that the elements can cling a bit which can make it wearing over time, but in general it is quite a relaxing drink to open up with,

Damn, that did seem to be faint praise. Lets try again. While it doesn’t have many flavours it delivers them well and with a grip that is both its success and flaw.

Overall, well, it’s ok. Guess I will have to stick with faint praise.

Background; Ok, I’m unsure on Japan for country here. Looking at rate beer they mention it being brewed at Banks in England for a Wetherspoon’s beer festival. However, since I drank it at Popeye bar in Tokyo, Japan, and it is many years since that festival I have a feeling they have made it part of their main range. I could be wrong however. This was the first drink after arriving in Japan, and part of an excellent night of discussions, and miscellaneous kindness from strangers. Good times. As the first beer of the night I was looking for something nice and easy to help get me over my jetlag. This is a cask beer take on Yona Yona Ale, which seems to be the breweries flagship product.