Face With No Name

Tempest: A Face With No Name (Scotland: Amber Ale: 6% ABV)

Visual: Ruddy amber, half inch of frothy off white head.

Nose: Ovaltine. Milky and with a touch of hops. Toffee character. Coffee.

Body: Smooth. Malt drinks. Light hops and bitterness. Raisins. Malt loaf. Dried apricot.

Finish: Very milky coffee. Malt loaf. Slight coffee granules in both feel and taste. Dried apricot.

Conclusion: In the past I have compared some beers to malt drinks, and more specifically, ovaltine. I was wrong. This is an ovaltine beer. I mean nigh exactly.

But, ya know, with hops.

And alcohol.

It still counts.

It really is bloody weird, there a some raisins and malt loaf sweetness, a dry finish with hints of coffee. Oh, and yeah, massive flipping ovaltine. None of the elements are what you would expect from the prior encountered element.

As a beer it amuses me, dry rather than refreshing yet despite that it feels very smooth and easy to drink. Similarly that 6% abv is not noticeable at all, and by feel and taste I would imagine much lower.

The flavours add themselves in as you go on, a touch of toffee, but more noticeable is the coffee that comes in. It really adds to that brewed drink impression it was already working on.

The only down side I that it feels closed in a way. Despite the odd flavours they feel close knit, and keep their cards close to the chest. You wish there was a way to pry them loose and enjoy them more as distinct elements. Despite that it is a solid milky coffee and ovaltine experience. Solid, but for all the oddities, not showy.

As I say, it amuses me, a very different beer and a worthy one. Probably not one to have often, a lot rides on the unique experience of it which could wear thin. Intriguing.

Background: Found at Brewdog Bristol. It was sold to me as a beer which defied style classification, which is always a way of perking my interest. Ratebeer says Amber Ale, which kind of ruins the mystery, but ignore them. What do they know anyway? I’ve not tried any of Tempest Brewing before. Always nice finding a new brewery to enjoy. As often happens it seems in focus photos are not my strong point. Sorry.