Laddien 10

Bruichladdich: The Laddie Ten (Scottish Islay Single Malt Whisky: 10 year: 46% ABV)

Visual: Deep gold.

Viscosity: Quite fast thick streaks.

Nose: Light smoke. Grapes. Light salt and lightly medicinal.

Body: Salt. Broth. Grapes. Vanilla. Smooth. Tangerine. Water sweetens to more grapes and adds green fruits, apples maybe. Touch of liquorice near the end.

Finish: Coffee in mild amounts. Salt. Medicinal. Gin feel. Tangerine. Water adds apples and grapes.

Conclusion: Unpeated they say, I wouldn’t have guessed from the aroma. While it isn’t peated it does have smoke and it sure shows that Islay character, and the two are heavily linked in my mind. When you try it without water some of this character even follows through into the main body.

Now if you add water it is an entirely different ball game, you get unexpected green fruit with grapes and apples all bright and shining amongst the still present Islay character. It is juicy, again going against type. The finish however never hides what it is. Salty, dry and so very Islay.

The finish feels like both a capstone, and slightly out of place. It reminds you of the birthplace of the whisky, but it is so different from the soft apples and fruit of main body of the whisky that it goes against those strengths it has built up.

That is a minor flaw as the lovely different take on a whisky within the Islay range makes it worth trying by itself. There is a lot of character, not the character you would expect but that is what makes it worth it.

Rough at the edges but that is part of the charm in a way, and a worthwhile and distinct expression.

Background: Found at “The Star” in Bath who usually have a nice selection of whisky going on there. This is, according to the label an unpeated whisky, and Bruichladdich often have very low peat levels in their whisky, usual for an Islay distillery. I’ve been hearing good things about the Laddie Ten so when I got the chance to try a measure I thought I should give it a go.