Golden Chalice

Glastonbury: Golden Chalice (England: Golden Ale: 4.8% ABV)

Visual: Hazy orange gold. Thin yellowed bubble head.

Nose: Ground tangerine skin. Passion fruit. Watermelon and seeds. Light bitterness. Not very forceful.

Body: Apricot and moderate hops. Mango. Dried banana. Thick texture.

Finish: Dried banana. Hops, light bitterness. Mango and grapefruit. Slight tartness.

Conclusion: Simple and pleasant were the words that were in my mind for most of my time drinking this. I wasn’t quite sure initially how it was going to hold up as it has a remarkable weak aroma, but that was quickly offset by a sufficiently forthright body to make its mark. The flavour is all dried fruit delivered straight up with enthusiasm if not actual grace. It fills your mouth quickly then dries it as it goes out leaving just this sweet but lightly tart element behind.

There is no subtle edges to it, just bright shining and quite fun character backed by a slight bitterness. It is a beer always shouting “Ooh, ohh” and waving to try an get your attention, and I can’t dislike it for that. The brash joy does make me smile, but it is far from a master class on how to make a beer of this sort. Just roll with those mango and dried banana flavours and you will probably enjoy drinking it, which is worthwhile in itself.

Now don’t look for anything special, and it will do you right, it is never dull, but also never fancy. Nice citrus makes it easy to drink, and trust me you never have to dig too deep too find the flavour and enjoyment, but no, not special.

So, fun if you see it, but don’t expect to find a new favourite beer.

Background: Drunk in Bournemouth at Chaplin’s, a cool Charlie Chaplin themed pub with an awesome beer garden and some live music as well. Beer selection is nice as well, rotating real ales and some decent bottled beer from Flying Dog and Wild Beer co. Not the best selection I have seen but good enough and with a great atmosphere to drink it in. Anyway, Glastonbury ales, seen them in bottle a lot but never got around to trying them, so here we go.