Marmalade On Toast

Brewdog: Tempest: Marmalade On Toast (Scotland: American Pale Ale: 6% ABV)

Visual: Reddened gold with an off white head.

Nose: Musty. Orange peel. Peppercorn sauce. Musky fruit. Gingerbread.

Body: Marmalade. Tangy. Some hop bitterness. Lemon curd. Toffee and vanilla. Toasted tea cakes.

Finish: Marmalade. Lemon curd. Gingerbread. Toasted teacakes. Burnt marshmallows. Grapefruit.

Conclusion: A more interesting beer that I first thought. Let me expand on that, initially I found the beer simple, and while it was fulfilling its promise of marmalade it gave little else. However, since it was late in the drinking session I had plenty of time to let it warm up as I sipped it, and it benefited from the extra time.

There is a lot of marmalade, but rather than being on toast it tastes like it has been spread over toasted teacakes for much better effect. Strangely the aroma never really sells this element, it is slightly musty and hides most of the best elements of the beer away from you. The body, while slightly sickly sweet, is far better.

The beer is far too sweet, but the toffee, gingerbread, lemon curd and marmalade make for an unusual mix and one that is quite enjoyable. A full half would be overdoing it, but it was a hell of a gleeful third that just pushed all these elements at you.

On technical points, not really a good beer, too sweet to have much in one go, however as part of the collaboration fest it did work, just part of a set of wild ideas thrown out there for one night only. In that environment it was fun and I could overlook some of its flaws.

Now best made in a lot of ways expected of a regular beer, but with more than enough joy to it that I am glad I encountered it.

Background: Collab Fest 2013! Every Brewdog bar collaborated with a local brewery to make a beer for the fest, resulting in a grand total of twelve beers released over one weekend. So, what could I do? Normally I limit myself to two of three reviews in a session, but these would only be on for the weekend. So, for you, my readers, I sat in one eight hour stint, drinking thirds, with a glass of water and a chapter of Michael Moorcock’s Elric of Melnibone between each drink to help clear my palette. I suffer so for you. This was the ninth beer of the day as conversation continued. This beer, made with orange zest, ginger and toasted malt is a hard one to categorise. Rate Beer lists it as a fruit beer, but despite the fruit flavour I would find it hard to categorise it as that. The description calls it a “Pale ale”, so after much considering I’ve put it under American Pale Ale. As always I am not an unbiased actor on Brewdog beers.