Blitz Raspberry

Brewdog: Blitz Raspberry (Scotland: Berliner Weisse Fruit Beer: 3% ABV)

Visual: Hazy brown to apricot. Thin brown to off white head.

Nose: Tart lemon. Raspberry. Stewed apple crumble with sugar dusting. Stewed apricot. Rose wine and a perfumed touch.

Body: Tart. Tart apples. Spritzy. Sweet raspberry and ice cream syrup. White wine. Cider. Twigs. Rhubarb.

Finish: Raspberry. Quite sweet. Fresh. Crumble like. Lemon undertone.

Conclusion: I liked blitz apricot, I absolutely adore this. It still has this huge stewed fruits feel, and a thick aroma. It is still tart, here with some cider like qualities, but the difference comes with the sparkle that you get from the sweet and fresh raspberry notes. It is that element that prevents if from becoming too heavy or cloying.

The fruit feels very natural, while it is admittedly backed by syrup like touches the front notes are very much raw raspberry. The combined effect is like you have drizzled ice cream syrup over some freshly picked fruit. It never loses that natural touch, very fruity and through the tartness, very refreshing. It is also restrained, nowhere here do you get the teeth tingling effects of the heavier sour beers like the cantillon lambic, but despite that it has the same ability to reinvigorate.

What really helps it is the apple crumble and sugar dusting that makes it feel dessert like, but without bringing in excessive and fake sweetness. It manages a chunk of the holographic fruit flavour that a lot of sour beers have, the acidity making it seem like there is a plethora of fruit flavours dancing on your tongue.

Overall an excellent sour beer.

Background: Drunk at Brewdog Bristol while waiting for a family meet up. Because of that I will admit the notes were slightly more rushed than usual. I drank blitz apricot a while back and so when I heard there was a raspberry version I was looking forwards to it, James and Martin from Brewdog seem quite obsessed with trying to make raspberry beers. As always I am not an unbiased actor on Brewdog beers.