Unleash Th e Yeast American Ale
Brewdog: Unleash the Yeast: American Ale (Scotland: American Pale Ale: 6.3% ABV)

Visual: Clear yellowed gold. Frothy yellowed head.

Nose: Apricot and lemon meringue. Smooth hop character. Cream and fruit syrup. Shortbread.

Body: Apricot. Massive levels of kiwi. Shortbread and toffee in the malt character. Pickles. Crystallised fruit sugar. Prickly hop character.

Finish: Kiwi. Passion fruit. Apricot syrup. Moderate hop bitterness. Cream. Prickly hop feel. Gherkin. Crystallised orange sugar jellies. Slightly dry.

Conclusion: Whew, what a punch of flavour to open up the unleashed yeast comparisons! At this point I have not tried the others to compare but this seems to have some distinctive characteristics that I will be comparing with the others. It seems slightly dry textured with a very crisp hop delivery and very clear and full flavour. The beer feels quite well attenuated with the dry character, so it will be interesting to see if that is part of the recipe or the yeast.

Flavour wise it is an insane punch of fruit, crystallised fruit sugars, shortbread and a slight tartness that led to the pickle comparisons, though I will admit it is a very loose descriptor here. The fruit is huge, especially the kiwi but also with apricot helping lead the charge. Big sweetness and lots of prickly hop character considering the comparatively moderate bitterness. The juiciness of the fruit overwhelms the dry feel in the middle of the beer giving good contrast and stops the dryness from becoming parching.

Frankly a very enjoyable and full beer as itself with a great use of hops before you even start looking at it as a yeast experiment. I’ve listed what I think the yeast character is already in the first paragraph, so we shall see what happens when I try the others.

With this as the first beer I am looking forwards to it.

Background: Single yeast beers! Ok, ok most beers are single yeast beers, but I was trying to tie it to single hop beers. Anyway, one main recipe, four different yeasts for four different beers. I’d seen the idea done for Mikkeller’s yeast range but never got hold of them to try. After trying so many single hop beers it is interesting to move onto another ingredient to work out exactly what influence they have. As always I am not an unbiased actor on Brewdog beers.