George Cognac Barrel

Mikkeller: George!: Cognac Barrel (Denmark: Imperial Stout: 12.1% ABV)

Visual: Black and leaves a viscous sheen. Purple red touch in the light. Chocolate froth around edges and zero carbonation on the still body.

Nose: Thick chocolate. Liquore and roasted nuts. Toffee. Chilli seeds. Bitter red wine. Armagnac. Paprika. Plums.

Body: Red cherries and glacier cherries. Mulled wine. Frothy. Chocolate liquore. Fudge. Bitter chocolate. Oily feel. Nutty. Spicy sherry. Orange fruit sugars and fruit pastilles.

Finish: Cinnamon stick. Shortbread. Treacle. Mulled spice. Alcoholic orange jellies. Bitter coffee.

Conclusion: Talk about viscous, this thing leaves an oily sheen around the glass and a thicker rich oily feel around the tongue after you have swallowed. The liquore like texture froths up as you roll it around your mouth coasting every inch, and trust me, it uses every inch to deliver the flavours.

It flavour is bitter chocolate spiced up and spirit influenced in a darkly decadent way that reminds me of Dark Horizon. Lot of rich warm spicy notes amongst punishingly bitter chocolate and backed by subtle sweet notes. Admittedly it isn’t as punishing bitter as Mikkeller Black, but then again very little is.

Like a lot of these style Imperial Stouts it feels very chocolate liquore like, here with hints of spicy sherry and subtle orange fruit sugar notes. It all brings to mind a transgressive, self indulgent feel of risqué flavours.

For a similar styled beer Dark Horizon wins out, for a Mikkeller Imperial Stout Beer Geek Brunch Weasel is better and feels more like a beer and so wins my heart. This however still stands out as a silk like and luxurious beer with contrasting challenging flavours that make it a wonderful oily thick thing of its own.

Another Imperial Stout that only suffers if you compare it to the insanely good competition.

Background: How many beers does Mikkeller turn out anyway? Plus they seem to barrel aged variants of pretty much everything. Anyway, this one should be a bit special, it is one of rate beers top 50 beers for the world (an Imperial Stout, in their top fifty list? I’m shocked, shocked I say). Anyway, cynicism aside I’m a big fan of Mikkeller so was looking forwards to this. This was another beer that was a contender for my 1000th review.