Pilsen Lager

Brewdog: Unleash The Yeast: Pilsen Lager (Scotland: Imperial Pils: 6.3% ABV)

Visual: Overripe banana to gold. Yellowed bubbled head. Small amounts of carbonation.

Nose: Light apricot. Thick kumquat. Vanilla toffee. Raspberry sorbet and raspberry pavlova.

Body: Lemon sherbet. Passion fruit. Creamy and meringue mix. Light lime sweetness. Pineapple. Crisp body. Toffee. Raspberry touches. Menthol touch. Slight resin. Apricot.

Finish: Cream. Lights hops and bitterness. Smooth malt notes. Citrus air and light tartness. Gooseberry. Light greenery. Dry at the end. Dry black liquorice touch.

Conclusion: Well, well, well, what a difference a yeast makes. Compared to the American Ale it is still very fruity in both aroma and body, but the hop prickle is gone. There is still moderate bitterness but it is without the matching hop character.

Even the flavour itself has changed with light tart citrus and sweet raspberry notes now. The body feels crisp, but the dryness really hits in the finish and there it has most effect. So, yes, the yeast makes all the difference, the fruit is more muted in expression, if still giving large doses of what it has and it also makes the malt backbone very dry

As a beer in itself it starts off great, the flavours are full and intricate despite the more muted fruit, and it is very enjoyable. The play between raspberry (and where the hell did that come from?), resin, apricot and lemon sherbet is great. As the beer goes on it becomes, … less fun, I think it is the finish. The beer is overly dry there, almost like the accursed cardboard touch of weaker lagers, and with a liquorice like touch. The poor elements last into the next sip, weakening the beer’s normally impressive body

If you take a break from the beer however, say to peruse web comics (to pick a random example *cough* orderofthestick) then suddenly, boom, the full flavour returns again with the same elements that made it great in the first place. So, as a lager it has good flavour, but lacking in the session stakes and finish. As a yeast experiment, wow, the difference is immense. So not a great beer, but a good one given enough time. Let’s see what is next up!

Background: Second of the “Unleash The Yeast” set I have tried. The same beer recipe used by four beers, with the exception of the yeast used being different for each one. I love the idea, and very highly enjoyed the first beer I tried which was with American Ale yeast. As always I am not an unbiased actor one Brewdog beers.