Bavarian Weizen

Brewdog: Unleash The Yeast: Bavarian Weizen (Scotland: Hefeweizen:6.3% ABV)

Visual: Golden grain. Yellowed off white head that leaves lace.

Nose: Mango. Paprika. Pepper and hops. Strawberry undertone. Good bitterness. Nettles.

Body: Real solid bitterness. Ripe banana. Apricot. Hops ahoy. Crisp character. Light banana syrup. Rough prickle on the tongue.

Finish: Lemon curd. Hops and bloody big bitterness. Kiwi. Lemon sherbet. Apricot. More hops. Grapefruit. Granite. Pepper.

Conclusion: Ok, conclusion on the yeast first. This yeast does absolutely nothing to blunt the hops. Nothing. Seriously. There is raw granite bitterness and a violent hop character to this one. I like it. Not sure if others would agree with me. It is very raw in how it treats its hoppiness.

Oddly the huge hoppiness here doesn’t come with an accompanying bursting fruit flavour. There is some fruit flavour there, but the American Ale yeast version delivered that aspect far more clearly. Also it is amazing how much flavour seems to come from the yeast alone, this has the banana, pepper and spice notes I would attributed to a hefeweizen, elements I always presumed came from other aspects of the beer. The pepper works particularly well, mixing with the hops in a harsh, but enjoyable fashion.

If this kind of reaction to the yeast is standard I can kind of see why Germans only recently started going for very highly hopped hefeweizens again. You really need a careful recipe to compensate with the rawness of hops, or it will only really appeal to insane hop heads like me.

Anyway, crisp, some sweet apricot fruit notes and a touch of tart fruit below, but those are more secondary notes with some sweetness attempting to offset the bitterness. Again this beer is a fascinating insight into the yeast but as a beer it is a tad niche and unsubtle. Though in a way I still do enjoy it.

A fun spin, but apart from yeast learning not one I can highly recommend.

Background: I’m a tad wary listing this as hefeweizen style, as despite using the yeast it doesn’t have any of the wheat bill to my knowledge, since all four of the unleash the yeast beers share the same recipe. Still, I’m not sure what else to call it, so it is listed as that, albeit with this disclaimer. Anyway, the next of the unleash the yeast beer, as mentioned above, four beers with the same recipe except for the yeast which changes each time. As always I am not an unbiased actor on Brewdog beers. Drunk while listening to a bit of Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip (Mainly “Though Shalt Always Kill”). Rate beer lists this as Bavaria Weizen currently, they are wrong. I am right, as my photo clearly shows.