Wild Beer Co: Amelie (England: Fruit Saison: 5% ABV)

Visual: Cloudy apricot. Thin white head.

Nose: Tart. Dry apples. Acidic with apricot elements.

Body: Tart apples. Acidic. Black cherry if held on the tongue. Apricot. Light oak. Turmeric. Toffee. Hop bite and bitterness. Cherries comes out in later half of the beer.

Finish: Black cherry and yogurt, Roots. Ginger. Turmeric. Vanilla and toffee. Slightly earthy. Cherries. Lemon sherbet.

Conclusion: Wild beer co are going up in my opinion with every beer. This is tart, yet wonderfully dry and earthy. The combination is oh so drinkable, like Saison Dupont crossed with lambic. Appropriately considering what its base components are.

The fruit is, oddly, not very cherry dominated. Considering that part of the beer is a cherry sasion it is strange that the main elements you get is cider like apples and apricot. Even odder, if you hold the beer on your tongue you get black cherry coming out, all creamy and contrasting

There is such great balance, saison bitterness, spice and earthy character, yet evanescent and sparkling with gueze freshness. Oh and fruit. Then as it fades away, what feels like British earthy hop style earthiness rises once more with that saison spice again. It is a beer with twists and turns throughout its lifecycle.

Then finally, over time, you finally get hints of the cherries used, dark and a back note compared to the rest, but giving another layer. This layering only seems to increase after you swallow. The air remaining gains previously suppressed vanilla sweetness and black cherry yogurt now, with the acidic body gone they can rise to fill your mouth with new experiences.

This is lovely, the mix of flavours making it like a black cherry yogurt lambic ( Yes , I know such a thing is probably impossible, live with it) but for all that much more entry level drinkable without needing previous experience of sours.

Another fantastic beer from the Wild Beer Co.

Background: Another beer it is hard to pick a style for. Mainly because it mix of a sour ale, saison and cherries. Wild Beer co has really earned their name over the past year. This beer I found at the Barley Mow in Bristol, and just had to try. Best I can tell its keg only at the moment, but I would be very interested if it hits bottles.