Piddle In The Hole

Wyre Piddle: Piddle In The Hole (England: Bitter: 3.6% ABV)

Visual: Reddened brown. Browned bubbled head. Very low carbonation on the body.

Nose: Light earthy hops. Caramel. Chestnut. Slight custard slice sweetness. Aniseed,

Body: Cherries and fruitcake. Almonds. Good bitterness. Charred touch and chalky. Madeira and toffee if held for a long time. Rough texture feel.

Finish: Liquorice. Hazelnut and bitterness. Peanuts. Earthy hops. Light acidic end feel. Touch of marzipan. Light vinous touch.

Conclusion: Sometimes it is hard to get a measure of a beer. This one, for example (you knew that was coming didn’t you?), seems very different depending on how long you hold it on your tongue.

Drunk in short sips it is lightly earthy and nutty with a slightly rough and chalky character. Larger mouthfuls and slower examination brings out fruitcake, which develops to vinous and Madeira sweetness is held even longer. Fascinating and shows both the strength and weakness of this beer, both of which I attribute to the rough nutty finish it has.

No matter how long you hold the beer, when you swallow that rough nuttiness comes up and in such force it instantly hides any other flavours. So when drunk in sips the beer doesn’t get a chance to build up between sips. That hurts it, and stops there being a good progression as the beer goes on.

During that time you delay the swallow though? It is nice with vinous notes, toffee sweetness and here balanced rather than overpowered by the rough nuttiness. The style is very mainstream bitter style, reminding me of Crate Best in the attempt to do the base elements well. Crate Best does it better, but for the main body it is a solid beer, with just the finish really hurting it.

Not fancy, but has enough examination depth to keep me entertained. If they could do a bit of work to dim down the roasted elements a tad it could improve massively. As is, it was a satisfying enough pint.

Background: Huh, when I looked up this beer I found the Ambridge Brewery had taken it over early last year. I’m guessing this is from the new Brewery but I can’t say for sure as the bottle doesn’t seem to give any indication. Anyway, this was a kind gift from a work colleague for Christmas, so I decided to give it a review. This was drunk while listening to some Praxis, which reminded me I really haven’t bought any new music for a while. Never mind – Praxis is still good beer drinking music.