Schieder and Sohn Tap X cuvee

Schneider & Sohn: Schneider Weisse: Tap X: Mein Cuvee Barrique (Germany: Weizen Bock: 9.5% ABV)

Visual: Dark reddened brown. Dark head froths up but doesn’t hold for long.

Nose: Liquorice. Banana. Raisins. Rich red wine. Blackcurrants. Blueberry. Dry malt.

Body: Blueberry and black current. Raisins and cloves. Rich red wine. Smooth liquore feel. Blueberry pie. Rich red grapes. Strawberry and banana hints. Molasses. Cherries.

Finish: Red berries. Raisins. Cloves. Blueberries. Slight wheat. Malt chocolate.

Conclusion: This one comes in as a well timed counterpoint to Wild Beer Co’s Raconteur Barley Wine. They are both beers that tell tales of massive wine ageing influence, however this beer has more of a tale to tell after that chapter is done. The base elements of the weizen bock still comes through strong, reinforcing and contrasting the wine flavours.

The base bock reminds me of my old favourite Aventinus, but the beer here is richer and more vinous with fruitiness rising up from the depths. It is very rich with a wide range of flavours that mix blueberry, cherry, wine and grapes. These are complimented by the raisins and cloves which create and edge and spice that define the limits of the beer and the wine so the individual elements remain well sketched.

It is very smooth, sweet but with a bitter back and uses the alcohol to be warming but not burning, a fact much complimented by the spices. Then comes underneath the thick chocolate notes underneath that give extra grip and character.

This is, in its own ways, both better and worse than Aventinus. Aventinus has more subtle complexities, but this is much more vibrant and feels the bigger beer. It is a testament to the base beer used in this that it is not overpowered by such a rich and big wine.

A great beer, rich in every element from the banana and cloves to the raisins and other fruit. Lovely to drink and lovely to share.

Background: Oh yes. I was in a good mood already when I broke this open, and decided to have something a bit special. This fitted the bill nicely. Picked up from Independent Spirit, this is a mix of two beers that have then been aged for 8 months in Pinot Noir barrels. Frankly, I love Scheider Weisse beers, and have recently been introduced to Pinot Noir, so excitement started high. This was shared with my friend Will who said “Yummy!” Thanks for that insightful review Will.