This has been a pet project for a while; I’ve always thought I’d picked up and reviewed drinks from a wide range of countries and decided to map these on google maps to see how widespread they actually were.

A lot less than I had thought, it is easy to forget just how big the world is, and more importantly, how tightly clustered the big beer and whisky countries are.

It did bring a few interesting points though.

1) I’ve not reviewed any Polish or Czech beers.

How the hell did this happen? I’ve got the Czech side already sorted and soon to upload, but I will have to grab some Polish beers to review and sharpish.

2) Exactly how clustered the beer scene is.

Seriously, most of the French breweries I’ve tried are on the border with Belgium, most of the Denmark big names I know are in spitting distance of each other, how much of the USA stuff I’ve seen is clinging to the west and east coast.

3) Exactly how packed Britain is.

Do we have anywhere not within ten miles of a Brewery, anywhere? I’ve reviewed but a small percentage of British Breweries beers and they litter the landscape.

4) Exactly how much Belgium beats us for that.

Belgium is tiny, and you cannot see it under the marker dots. I know the last two are probably biased by me being close, and the further away beers are harder to find, but it is still pretty impressive.

Anyway, It’s an interesting snapshot of my personal drinking world. If any beer and whisky bloggers reading this care to do the same it would be interesting to see how they compare. Our own little liquid world maps.

EDIT: A Note: Often the map location is approximate where google maps was dicking with me and wouldn’t let me use the exact. Please don’t use this as a navigation map. It is as accurate as I can sort, but some of these are probably way out for actually visiting.