Wild Beer Co Amuse Bouche

Wild Beer Co: Amuse Bouche (England: Sour Ale: 5.4% ABV)

Visual: Hazy lemon juice. Short lasting white head.

Nose: Horse blankets. Vanilla pods. White grapes. Light custard.

Body: Tart and acidic. Cider apples. Elderberry. Tannins. Lemon sherbet. Oats. Light tangerine. Vanilla.

Finish: Vanilla. Gooseberry. Lemon sherbet. Soft apple pie. Werther’s original. Dry white wine. Light raisins.

Conclusion: The south country lambic. That’s what they should call this. As long as they don’t add “Gert Lush” or “My luvaaaa” afterwards it is all good. Anyway, south country stereotypes aside this is right pleasant.

The aroma is the main reason I think lambic when I encounter this – there is an instant hit of horse blankets and tart elements, though even here the barrel ageing is evident in a soft vanilla pods style riding through.

The body continues the Belgium meets Somerset style with soft lemon sherbet against Somerset cider, again with that soft vanilla. It is an interesting mix, and towards the easier side of the lambic style due to the slight sweetness, but without in any way diminishing the complexity that comes with a good dry lambic. Here you get concentrated tart fruit in gooseberry, and tangerine sharp and bright notes.

It is a clever balancing act, by relying on the barrel ageing for the sweetness it avoids the artificial feeling of sweetness, and yet it still comes in much more drinkable than most due to the sharp and dry character that the sweetness tempers.

This a very good, very refreshing beer. Part lambic, part cider, part sweet, part tart. This is a beer for those warm summer days.

So here in England that is about three days a year.

Ah well. Still a good beer.

Background: Picked up from Independent Spirit, this is basically as a Somerset sour inspired by the Belgian lambic. Aged in Burgundy Chardonnay casks, this sounded right up my street. The Amuse range have been around for a while on tap, but this is the first bottling I am aware of. Drunk while listening to Against Me: Black Crosses. Yes, again.