Glenglassaugh Revival

Glenglassaugh: Revival (Scottish Speyside Single Malt Whisky: No age statement: 46% ABV)

Visual: Solid gold.

Viscosity: Many fast thick streaks.

Nose: Heather. Light toffee. Pomegranate. Honeycomb. Light sulphur touch. Sugar dusting. Water makes more floral, adding also white chocolate and sugared almond hints.

Body: Oaken. Feels strong. Nutty. Light toffee and honey. Water emphasises honey, and brings out caramel. More water brings out spiced raisins and crushed purple skittles. Red grapes.

Finish: Oak. Nutty. Water leaves as nutty. More water adds raisins and sherry trifle along with red grapes.

Conclusion: Ok, another water whisky, as I am coming to think of them. Without water this is a bit dull – overly oaked and nutty. This could be due to the higher strength, there is a force to the whisky that seems to hide a lot of the elements. Any which way it didn’t impress me.

Water helps, but initially not that much – it just brought out a honey sweetness, basically just trading one simple whisky for another. A better simple whisky yes, but that wasn’t saying much.

More water and it finally starts to become the whisky it should be. The sherry finish seems to be finally freed from its prison and adds spiced raisins, grapes and more of a sugar dusting influence. The initial elements are still there, but now as part of a larger and more exciting tableau.

The only element that is constantly good throughout the whisky is the aroma, with good sweetness, sugar, fruit and sulphur. Oddly, despite this element being good throughout it bears very little resemblance to the rest of the whisky at any point in its water lifespan.

So, when it finds its feet, how is it? Solid but not a stand out whisky. It has gone a nice balance of American oak sweetness and sherry spice, but it all feels like you are getting the influence of the oak – you don’t feel like much of the native spirit is showing though to make it special and unique. A bit of a weak spot for the first whisky of the newly re-opened distillery.

Solid, but not one I would overly seek out.

Background: Continuing the batch of miniatures I picked up from the whisky exchange we have Glenglassaugh. I have tried this distillery once or twice at whisky shows, but have never really had time to take my time and examine it. This is an appropriate pick, as it is the first time to try whisky that has been made since the distillery reopened. This has been matured mainly in first and refill bourbon, but finished in sherry casks. Drunk while listening to Bad Religion’s Generator. No particular reason, I just like the album.