Grup Modelo (Corona) Negra Modelo

Grup Modelo (Corona): Negra Modelo (Mexico: Vienna Lager: 5.4% ABV)

Visual: Chestnut brown. Small greyed head. Clear. A little carbonation.

Nose: Treacle. Malt chocolate. Toffee. Light roasted notes.

Body: Treacle. Roasted nuts. Light charring. Brown sugar. Chocolate. Toffee.

Finish: Brown sugar. Light dusty attic. Roasted character. Treacle.

Conclusion: Simple but satisfying sums this beer up well. It is not as sweet as you may imagine considering the amount of times I’ve put the word “Treacle “in the notes above, however it is definitely at that end of the spectrum.

The biggest showing characteristics are the brown sugar and the treacle notes over a roasted nut base. Ok, that may just be me repeating roughly half the words I used in the main tasting notes, but it is, as I said, simple.

However I am enjoying it, it is refreshing, manages not to be sickly, and balances the few elements it has well in a good malty dark lager. There is also a slight counterpoint, one that, unfortunately, is quite hard to put into words. It is slightly dusty in the finish, there is what would be a sour dough twist if it was stronger, but it isn’t. As is it is just a slight grounding for the sweetness.

So, it is another one of those beers that are not for contemplating – but for enjoying with friends in the sun or at a barbecue – and would generally be welcome even by people who usually keep to less flavoursome beers. Ok, that was damning with faint praise. It is a reasonable beer, nowt special, but reasonable.

Background: While I was in Prague I ended up talking with a couple of women from Mexico – they mentioned they were surprised at how many people drank Corona in the UK as the dark lagers were far more popular in Mexico. So, despite the fact this is part of the Corona group, when I saw it in Corks Of Cotham I grabbed a bottle to try. Drunk while listening to The Clash – London Calling. Which was nice. Also, even for me this was not a great photo. Ah well, sorry everyone.