Brewdog Pilot Brew 007

Brewdog: Pilot Brew 007 (Scotland: Saison: 6.5% ABV)

Visual: Hazy apricot to yellow. Smallish off white head. No real evident carbonation.

Nose: Lime sorbet. Rustic undertones and funky yeast. Lemon sherbet. Slight sour berry tang.

Body: Lime zest. Peach syrup. Vanilla pods. Sour red berries. Moderate custard and hops. Rustic core. Smooth and thick feel but fizzes up easily in a sherbet style.

Finish: Vanilla pods. Custard cream biscuits. Mild lemon curd. Custard and hops. Light bitterness. Red berries and strawberries. Gentle lime. Sours as it warms.

Conclusion: Brewdog, please make this beer a regular brew. It is that simple. Please make this. I think this may be the first saison from Brewdog that hits the mark spot on.

It uses that custard sweetness and clean hops that I associate with Saison Dupont as a base – and you know how I like that base – but then goes on to take it in a more rustic saison direction, with twig feel and tart berry images. That would be enough to make it interesting, a mix of pre hop beer tartness and traditional saison hoppiness – that would be enough, but then they add another layer.

They go on to adds a real fresh now world hops citrus, lemon and lime character in very sherbety and fresh style that somewhat reminds me of Brew By Numbers’ Saisons. However BBN’s saisons often seem to lose a bit of the traditional character, while this manages to keep a nice balance.

The beer progresses tarter as the beer warms, with thicker sour touches developing from the tart berries, as it does that it becomes a really great yet still easy to get into beer. Early on sweet citrus and hoppy, later on more rustic and sour, yet still definitely the same beer.

This is a great pilot brew, please make it available to everyone Brewdog.

Background: A citrus hopped Saison, and the seventh of the pilot brews from Brewdog. They seem to be turning them out at a decent rate – I seem to miss a chunk of them. Anyway, found at Brewdog Bristol. As always I am not an unbiased actor on Brewdog beers.