Tim Hortons

Yeah, it is that time again, where I shoot off to a new country and pretend it is research for the blog. In this case CANADA! Woo!

Just in Calgary at the mo, moving on soon. I am slowly getting over my paranoia that everyone being so nice to me is in fact a huge long running dry sarcastic prank. I am starting to think they may actually just be friendly and polite.

I am not used to this.

Few quick thoughts beer wise. Summer is here and the weisse, lager and IPA seem to rule the roost. Stouts and other such dark beers seem extremely rare. With the weather I can see why, but I do miss the old dark and heavy. Also what is cool is they do a lot of fruit infused beers, seems to go well with the summer style, grapefruit, pineapple, cherry, lots of good stuff. So far they seem well balanced as well, adding to rather than dominating the beer. This is, however, based on just one nights drinking.

Also, if you are ever here, try the beer revolution craft beer and pizza bar. The staff are awesome nice, the beer list is great and … Holy fuck, the pizza. I had a Blazing Saddles. You know that scene from Dr Mcninja. It was like that. Metaphorically. I managed to resist shouting it out loud

Serious awesome.

Anyway, until next time, enjoy your drink.
Calgery Tower