Wow. Just wow. Banff National Park is breathtaking. Aquamarine blue water, towering mountains. Heading a few hours out to walk on ice fields. Wow.

Ok, that sounded almost cultured. I need to rein that back in. Ahem, obviously the most important thing about those ice fields is the super clean water from it that can be used to make beer.

There, back on topic.

Something else I have noticed about Canadian beer, it seems to follow the USA craft movement style wise, but in a more mellow fashion – the flavours seem to be emphasised over pushing extreme bitterness or abv. Also so far they seem way less carbonated that the USA scene, which I kind of approve of, it makes it easier to sit and enjoy without feeling gassy. So far the range of beers doesn’t seem as experimental, they seem to work around the core styles – but I still have a lot of land to cover so that may change.

It’s been a three day weekend here so everywhere has been packed, especially Grizzly Paw brewpub – thanks to all the staff there for being so awesome friendly despite being rushed off their feet. Also thanks to The Banff Ave Brewpub, again great staff and they give massive samples for you to make up your mind from – they also let me into the brewing area to take some photos – all much appreciated.

Speaking of Grizzy, I ran into a (non Grizzly) bear. I am also not dead. Go me.

Right, off on the next stage of the trip – Until next time, enjoy your drink.