Ok, been a bit of gap there. Sorry about that. Been out having fun,,er,,,I mean doing hard research. In Vancouver at the moment. After the absolutely amazing mountain views I have to admit to being happy to be somewhere a bit more built up.

So. Important things first Nanaimo Bars are awesome.

Ok. Important things out of the way. Oh, also there is a Japadog stand. Japanese style hot dogs. No I have no idea what that means. May have to try them.

Anyway, beer scene is a bit more familiar here. In that there is tons of it. I got lost, bumped into a brewpub and so grabbed a quick half there whilst asking for directions. Good times. Also more experimentation going on here, I’ve been seeing more sours, more infused beers, more funky yeast tricks and such like. For most of the nights I’ve been in Canada people have been telling me to check out Steamworks beers, so now I’m here it is time to do so, but I have run into some pretty impressive stuff so far. Bottleshops don’t seem to pack as large a range as I am used to, but tap houses are running some impressive lists.

Beer sized are odd though. I’ve seen pints at 16, 18, and 20 fluid ounces, .40L and .45L measures, frankly anything. All good as long as you keep track but it can be confusing.

Also I’ve been drinking tons of water. It is far too bloody hot here for a Yorkshireman.

Back home soon and I can start putting up the notes.

Until next time, enjoy your drink. Here is Darth Vader playing a fiddle. Because of course.

Darth Vader Playing A Fiddle