Ok, since I did my article criticising Brewdog, some people have asked me if I will still be buying and noting their beers. The answer is, for the moment, yes. I am disappointed with their actions on that event, and wary of some of the priorities when it came to other parts of their Equity For Punks 4 progress, but so far they haven’t done enough to get on my banned brewery list.

For information the only two Breweries on that list are Rogue Brewing, for utterly shite treatment of their employees, and London Fields Brewing for using the brewery to get out of repaying money gained from cocaine smuggling.

Brewdog aren’t that bad yet by far, and I do respect other things they have done – the living wage for all employees for one. As I said in the original article doing this crappy thing now doesn’t wipe out the good they have done, nor does that good excuse any crappy acts they take.

I have noticed that I have picked up less of their stuff than usual, but that is less an active boycott and more, well, just a reaction to the fact that I feel less excited about supporting them because of their acts, so have been more likely to grab other beers when the urge takes me.

So, that’s the situation.