Mackmyra Single Malt Whisky

Mackmyra: Single Malt Whisky (Swedish Single Malt Whisky: 41.4% ABV)

Visual: Pale straw hued spirit.

Viscosity: A few thick, but mainly thin streaks.

Nose: Vanilla toffee. Floral and grain fields. Alcohol air but not burn. Lime. Slight sulphur with water, and some orange.

Body: Slick. Toffee and fudge. Light oak. Liquorice undertones and alcohol high notes. Lime. light granite. Water lightens the alcohol, brings out more fudge and granite.

Finish: Gin air. Passion fruit. Dry feel. Vodka. Light rocky character. Water makes a bit gritty and sulphur. Aubergine and carrots.

Conclusion: I was hoping this would build on the promising start of the First Edition – a whisky that had a bit of fire, but had a lot of character that just needed to be carefully smoothed. So, this is their standard expression, did it manage to up their game?

Not really, no. Neat it still has the alcohol tingle and some promise behind it – expressed as toffee and lime. not an unusual set of notes but a good base to work from.

So, I added a few drops of water, hoping, like the first edition, that this would help it open up, would change it for the better. Well, it did change – it made it more gritty and more touched by vegetable like notes – they were there neat, but only as side notes, they now gain more prominent display. The toffee fades into the background and murkier elements rule the roost.

Really not a fan of this with water, neat it has some nice notes and promise but isn’t much more than a standard whisky with some rough edges, in my eyes anyway.

Guess I’ll have to keep looking for the expression that makes this spirit shine.

Background: You all know this by now – “Ok, bias warning first: This is a part of the Masters Of Malt Whisky Calendar given to The Bath Whisky and Rum Club, part of Independent Spirit, who invited me to assist with the notes in return for uploading them to alcohol and aphorisms. Sounded a very fair deal to me. Also, due to this we each only had half of the 3cl bottle so thoughts are based on a smaller exploration than usual. On the other hand I could not say no to the chance to try so many new whiskies. Many thanks!”. My first experience with Mackmyra was ok, but it felt a bit youthful. This was drunk while listening to Akala – Fire In The Booth part 1 to 3. Damn, just damn. That guy is impressive. Oh, and yes I did spill some of this down the front of the label when pouring. I am so ashamed.