Panther Golden Panther

Panther: Golden Panther (England: Golden Ale: 3.7% ABV)

Visual: Toffee brown. Small frothy bubbled and toffee touched head.

Nose: Slightly earthy and coriander touched. Orange zest and malt chocolate. Lemon.

Body: Chocolate orange. Slight appletiser. Nutty. Light chalky texture. Lemon. Toffee malt background.

Finish: Malt chocolate and apples. Nuts. Orange zest. Light chalky. Lemon coriander. Earthy. Chocolate orange. Moderate hops. Light toffee.

Conclusion: You know, for a self proclaimed light and refreshing ale, and at a modest 3.7% ABV, this actually has quite a bit of play to it. Initially light orange notes and slightly earthy, it mixed with the malt chocolate character to lead out into the finish feeling like you had eaten a Terry’s chocolate orange.

On the way through to that discovery you will run a gamut of light citrus notes, a slightly but not excessively rough nutty character all backed by a chalky mouthfeel but not taste. The slight rough notes makes it less easy drinking, but also means it feels much more substantial than you would normally get from the abv.

Despite calling itself a light beer it uses the rough edges well, which means it is not quite as sessionable as it would be, but makes it far far easier to appropriate as a single pint; It has more heft and from that heft it is able to deliver much more to the tastebuds.

The bitterness is earthy, the citrus light and the malt slightly but not heavily chocolate styled – this is the kind of real ale that can bring me back into the fold from the craft beer kick I am often on. More beers like this please.

Background: Raiding the family reserve here, Ok maybe not quite family reserve but close enough. A gift from Norfolk from my parents. Many thanks. This was not the first one I drank, but the first I pulled out the tasting note kit for. Drunk just before some new Doctor Who, so I was in a good mood. Drunk while back at home with the family, hence the slightly different environment.