Arbor: My Little Sabrony (England: American Pale Ale: 5% ABV)

Visual: Cloudy darkened lemon juice. Crisp inch of white bubbled head.

Nose: Lemon juice. Wheaty hops. Dry grapefruit. Low to moderate bitterness. Vanilla. Cut apple. Mango.

Body: Peach and grapefruit. Vanilla. Slightly creamy. Good bitterness. Dry. Custard. Flour. Vanilla fudge. Peppermint. Lemon juice.

Finish: Soft peach. Peach melba. Custard. Moderate hop character and bitterness. Pineapple. Marshmallow. Apple. Grapefruit. Flour. Lemon juice. Tangerine.

Conclusion: This is a single hop beer? I could have sworn they would need at least a couple to get the range of fruit notes that this is showing. Also, this is an APA? It is dry I will admit, but with enough creamy malt use and large hops that I would have guess IPA if I had to. They are doing a lot with a little here.

It’s got the oddest (Disclaimer: I am using hyperbole, it is merely odd, not the oddest) mix of peach sweetness and grapefruit tartness – with both pushing at the same time without either being eclipsed. It has that dry, flour touched APA style and good bitterness, but also those aforementioned creamy, almost custard touches. A lot going on, with elements you would not usually find together working very well here. I think this is my first encounter with this hop, it is definitely the first single hop use I have seen of it and I am digging it a lot, and also digging the well used sweet and dry malt backbone it has behind it.

This is really good. The sweetness flirts with marshmallow and vanilla. The fruit touches on tangerine, pineapple and apple. So fresh, just sweet enough and so drinkably dry yet full. This is very rewarding, easy to drink and vaguely moderate in the abv to manage that.

This is a great APA. Buy it. Drink it.

Background: Arbor look a lot different in style to how I first encountered them, back on cask tap in the Royal Oak. Were decent even back then. This is a Sabro single hop beer. I have no idea about the Sabro hop. It does make for a good My Little Pony pun though. Also I am a sucker for any beer with a rainbow. So sue me. Grabbed from Independent Spirit of Bath and drunk while listening to Jack Off Jill: Clear Heart, Grey Flowers – always wonderful acid caustic tunes.