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Another Thus Drank Zarathustra. This one basically one extended idea that came to me. Trying a bit of different balanced of review to messing about. Let me know what you think. As always these take longer to do than a normal review so all constructiveĀ  feedback and help in promoting is welcome.


Another Thus Drank Zarathusta, and this time a whisky! As always feedback is much appreciated. This one has a few cruder jokes than previous thus dranks and I’m not quite sure it suits the style of the site. So, if you like, dislike, let me know as I’ve tried to respond to previous criticism of the vids.

Anyway, hope you enjoy

Another Thus Drank Zarathustra. Trying a bit different style this time, so any feedback is welcome on if you prefer it more or less ranty. As always since these take a while to do any help in getting the word out on them is appreciated. Hope you enjoy it.

Its that time again. Thus Drank Zarathustra. Again as these take a while to make all feedback or help in getting the word out is appreciated. Enjoy

Something new for the new year. Thus Drank Zarathustra. A video beer blog on youtube. Since I already do tasting notes these are aimed as more playful and fun, hoping to expose great beer to a wider audience.

This is my first attempt at anything like this, a pilot if you will, so any and all feedback is welcome. As always my e-mail address is alcoholandaphorisms at gmail dot com.

These take a while to make, so feedback is appreciated, and if you like it, please tell people and share it. If people enjoy it I will definitely make more.

Enjoy, and to Bacchus!

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