Art Brew: Spanked Monkey IPA (England: IPA: 6.4% ABV)


Visual: Slightly cloudy, orange brown; slight head

Nose: Middling hops, fresh and light aroma

Body: Malty, nice dose of hops and bitterness. Opens with a sweet lead in but quickly switches to a sustained full bore bitter brew.

Finish: Harsh edged and bitter: Dark lasting hops which take up home on your taste buds for a good night lock in that wont let up.

Conclusion: A nice bitter and lasting IPA for a beer you know your drinking. Punk IPA still holds the lead for best IPA

Guest Taster: Dylan Ransom

Visual: Warm medium amber

Nose: Slight sulphur sweet

Body: Crisp, semi sweet and sharp

Finish: leaves after taste on top palette pleasant warm finish – 8/10