10 Saints

10 Saints: 10 Saints Aged In Rum Casks (Barbados: Premium lager: 4.8% ABV)

Visual: Moderate white mound head and grain pale body. Small amount of carbonation.

Nose: Initially closed, needs a swirl to open up. Raspberry and shortbread. Vanilla ice cream (So, raspberry ripple together?). Toffee and a tiny sour tang.

Body: Smooth. Custard. Raspberry ripple. Frothy feel. Light spicy wine. Cardboard touch.

Finish: Raspberry ripple. Slick. Toffee.

Conclusion: I am fairly sure I have described a beer before as tasting kind of like raspberry ripple – The beer. So I can’t do that again. So, erm, this is raspberry ripple – The lager!

Hah, I win. Anyway…

I have a feeling that without the rum cask finish this would be a dull but inoffensive beer. There is some vanilla sweetness, but not much noticeable in the base apart from that. The rum influence, on the other hand, is fun. There is a lot of sweet raspberry ripple there, but more importantly it adds a kind of bitter red wine spiciness to the undercarriage, something with a bit of bite to what would otherwise be a sweet dominated beer.

I’m slightly torn. There is a slight cardboard touch to the body, and a lot saying that the base beer is pretty unexceptional – but it has very much gained from the rum, so much so that I genuinely enjoyed it.

As screw it, always good to have some fun in your life. This is not an examination beer, but slip it into your life when you want an easy going but sweet lager – chill out with friends, along with a meal, and you will find it gives a generally happy atmosphere.

A nice bit of fun that pushes its one strength enough to make up for the weak base.

Background; So, you probably have seen the whole beer and whisky map thing. So, three guesses why I grabbed a beer from Barbados, and the first two don’t count. Still, a lager aged in Mount Gay rum casks. Sounds interesting. Had music on random while drinking this, realised that I used to have some terrible taste in music. I may still do. Bought at independent spirit.