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Benromach 10 Year (Speyside Single Malt Scottish Whisky: 10 Year: 43% ABV)

Visual: Light shining bronze.

Viscosity: Very fast multiple streaks form in an instant.

Nose: Warming sugared barley and oak. Light dusty planed wood. Slight smoke character when water is added.

Body: Light glucose, rounded and warm. Treacle, marzipan and liquorice . Again slight smoked elements with water. Nice dollop of sweetness.

Finish: Some light wood. liquorice only just comes through. Quite fresh and light. Bitter touch and burnt touches with water.

Conclusion: An easy going sipping whisky. A nice bit of extra smoke with water which adds to a decent main character, though a far from overpowering one.

It’s very good for session drinking and makes progress on the already impressive Traditional Benromach. Light sweet and barley influenced.

Not a hardcore whisky, but I will complement it having done itself proud with this presentation.

(Thanks To Dylan Almond for this sample of whisky)

Benromach Sassicaia Finish. (Scottish Whisky: Single Malt: 5 Years: Speyside: 45% ABV)

Visual: Deep soaked blood orange bronzed whisky.

Viscosity: Fast forming, at some points it comes down the glass in waves.

Nose: Spicy, blackcurrant soaked in brandy. Some saltiness and (shockingly) rich wine.

Body: Rich, fruit cake, caramel. Slight harshness. Sultanas and olives. Curry house snacks. The alcohol is obvious but becomes less so with nursing and a touch of water. Water also brings out more sweetness to counterbalance the spicyness.

Finish: Dry, spicy again. Dried fruits – dusting of mixed spices. Turmic and cloves.

Conclusion: This fine finish makes the Benromach whisky a spicy feisty beast, full of fruit and wine elements.

Definitely a whisky that benefits from nursing to take off the fire and let the elements play, and for some the water is vital to hide the harsher elements.

Lovely lively whisky and I have empirically tested that it goes great with Christmas cake.

Benromach Traditional (Scottish Whisky :Speyside Single Malt: 5-6 Years?:40%)

Visual: Light, pale and clear

Viscosity: Thin fast forming streaks in multitude.

Nose: Light, grassy and earthy. Touch of salt and punch of alcohol. Hayfields.

Body: Light honey, lavender. Vanilla, barley and honeycomb pudding. Syrup.

Finish: Light oak, grain, slight syrup nature.

Conclusion: A surprisingly complex young whisky. Its alcohol punch is noticeable but far from overwhelming. It has a fine light and grassy character.

Water helps remove the slight alcohol excess and adds a slight liquoriceness.

All in all a fine whisky and I look forwards to what Benromach do with their shortly due ten year versions of the whisky. (Note the ten year has been released since this tasting note and is very nice)

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