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Haand: Narke: Birrificio Del Ducato: #1000 (Norway: Quadrupel: 10.4% ABV)

Visual: Very dark brown. Thin brown head. Still body.

Nose: Bitter almonds. Raisins. Sour wine. Wholemeal bread. Malt drinks. Slight sulphur. Nutmeg. Light musty air.

Body: Almonds. Vinous – sour red wine. Seven Thai spice. Fruitcake and sultanas. Figs. Cocktail bitters. Earthy bitterness. Marzipan. Marmalade.

Finish: Almonds. Cocktail bitters. Malt biscuits and malt drinks. Port. Earthy notes. Slight funky yeast feel.

Conclusion: Maybe I need to walk away from barrel aged beers for a while. I keep feeling like I have to dig and fight through the ageing to get to the beer. Or maybe I don’t need to go that far, it is just on my mind after drinking this. I do have a lot of barrel aged beers in the cupboard right now, and it would be horrible to waste them. Anyway, as you may have guessed this is very barrel aged influenced, very vinous, with additional notes in cocktail bitters like character and bitter almonds taking the front.

Now time does help to get the beer out and about, with malt chocolate and fruitcake character coming out. Also the mix of base and barrel ageing seem to create a marmalade like character which I would more expect of cognac aged beer that I would expect to find it here.

While it is always very vinous dominated, I did soften to the beer over time. For one, what seemed like a slightly thin mouthfeel early on develops into a light, creamy thickness as you get used to the vinous element that seems to block the feel of the main body. Similarly the aroma gains a slight sulphur, bready thickness to it as the vinous element simmer down – calling to memories of a hand pulled real ale in some ways.

The latter half of the beer still has a heavy, bitter, sour wine influence, oddly mixing with the sweet marmalade base. However with more hop character and earthy bitterness coming out, matched with more dark fruit below that, which gives a more satisfying beer base.

I think a lighter touch on the oak ageing would benefit this a lot. That is presuming the base beer is good, it seems so, but it is hard to tell at this point. If the base beer is not good – well good job blunting it with the vinous notes then!

So, basically, if you are interested in the barrel ageing this is reasonable, if not massivly influenced by the base beer – it leans on an eathy, yeast influenced base more than anything else. If you are more interested in the beer it loses much of that, so it is probably not for you.

Simple, eh?

Background: So, a quad aged in Amarone casks, done in collaboration with the awesome Narke, and Ducato – who I didn’t get along with the last beer I encountered from them, but generally have a good rep. Also I don’t think I have ever tried Amarone , so don’t expect any wise comparisons to the original wine from me today. This beer was grabbed from Brewdog’s guest beer section and saved for when I wanted something big and booming to try. So, on going with awesome music for backing my drinking – went with Anti-Nowhere League – “We are … the League. May not be everyone’s choice of punk, but I love their over the top stylings.

Birrificio Del Ducato La Luna Rossa Cuvee 2014

Birrificio Del Ducato: La Luna Rossa: Cuvee 2014 (Italy: Wild Ale: 8% AVC)

Visual: Deep mauve to tomato juice red. Very cloudy body and virtually no head.

Nose: Black-cherry yogurt. Light wood notes. Very clean. Red cherries. Tart apples.

Body: Tart apples. Vinegar touch. Tart raspberries. Black cherries. Mild wood. Sour lemons. Tomato juice. Acidic at back of the throat.

Finish: Tart apples and cider. Tart raspberries. Sour sweets. Lemon juice. Tomatoes. Robust black cherry. Raspberries.

Conclusion: Nothing about this beer is as I expected. It pours dark, like cloudy fruit juice, rather than the bright red clear beer that I expected. Its acidic aroma and tastes are delivered remarkably cleanly, without a lot of the holographic like shimmering flavours you tend to get with sour beers. The actual flavour and impression on the eye can tend towards a form of tart tomato juice as much as the more expected cherries. I was not expecting tomato flavours in this, let me tell you that. Even when you get cherries it tends towards black-cherries and delivers it with raspberry like tartness. So, yeah, not in any way what I expected.

Also, this seems to be influenced by Rodenbach Grand Cru, in that it can be vinegar touched levels of sour at times, though, again, without those holographic flavour notes of that beer. I feel like I should be comparing it to Rodenbach Caractere Rouge, as it keeps that vinegar roughness, which that beer did not, but this does not match that beer’s complexity, so despite similarities of fruit, and Rodenbach character they are not as alike as you would think.

It is a bit of a half and half beer for me. I respect the utter cleanness of flavour it delivers without losing the sour intensity, but I am disappointed that it does not bring with it an equivalent complexity beer. Also, tomato notes are really not my thing, so I could do without that aspect of it.

I would call it a clever beer, but not a good one for me. Without those tomato flavours I think I would have had fun with it, but they just seem to intrude into what is good with the beer. So, overall I can’t get into it despite its impressively brutal sour character.

Background: Ok, I don’t speak any Italian I am afraid to say, so had to google for what this one was. So apparently it is a mix of a new beer fermented in barrels for two years then Morello cherries added to it, with Ultima Luna which is a Barley Wine matured in Amarone (Dry red wine) barrels with cherries, and some young beer. Ok, unusual. This was grabbed from Independent Spirit and is the 11th of 200 bottles.

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