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Huyghe Delirium Deliria

Huyghe: Delirium: Deliria (Belgium: Belgian Strong Ale: 8.5% ABV)

Visual: Pale yellow with a chunk of carbonation and a massive mounded white head that leaves lots of suds and lace.

Nose: Wheaty. Palma violets. Light bitterness. Dried raspberries. Carrot.

Body: Palma violets. Good bitterness. Lemon. Cane sugar and candy floss. Crisp. Light potato character. Carrot and coriander. Vanilla.

Finish: Good bitterness. Vanilla. Celery. Candyfloss. Light potatoes. Coriander. Wheat.

Conclusion: A balanced Delirium beer. Huh, I did not expect to say that, Ever. Seriously – I have a love for Delirium Tremens (How have I never got around to doing a tasting note for that beer?), but they do tend to be a bit mental.

This is closer to a traditional Belgian ale than most of the Delirium range – in fact the influence of wheat like and spice notes makes me think of a bit of a Wit beer, but poured over a heavier Belgian blond style base. Now, like a lot of Delirium beers, it is an energetic wee one. You get a massive head, so take care pouring, but below that it is far less bubblegum styled and more a mix of cane sugars and spice.

As a beer it is nicely balanced (I still feel weird writing that) with good crisp bitterness, light sweetness, good spice and all over a lemon freshness. Yet it has just enough alcohol weight to add a bit of heft to that blond + wit combination I mentioned earlier.

Like many a beer its biggest flaw and its biggest feature are one and the same. It isn’t mental as hell. While I can appreciate the fact that it is solid, smooth and balanced to within an inch of its life I find that without the rough edge gem characteristics I associate with Belgian ales it feels like it is playing slightly safe to me.

Still a very well made beer, and for a lot of you reading this I’m sure you are thinking this is your thing. For me, well Belgium is overflowing with awesome beers, so this kind of gets lost in the shuffle, but that is more on my tastes than it. A technically highly proficient beer that just doesn’t quite catch my imagination.

Background: A variant on Delirium Tremens brewed by a team of women. Well, cool, I’m all for anything that helps break down the oft male dominated brewing scene. I will say though that I did raise an eyebrow at the bottle being pink. Possible the team picked it, in which case cool, their choice. But I did raise an eyebrow. Then again, Delirium Tremens’ colour scheme is pretty pink anyway, so I could just be being a tad over sensitive to cues that aren’t actually there. Anyway, this is the 2013 edition, a limited edition release which I picked up from Independent Spirit. Drunk while listening to Miracle of Sound’s Metal Up. A seriously fun metal album.

Huyghe: Delirium: Red (Belgium: Fruit beer: 8.5% ABV)

Visual: Very cloudy. Black cherry red with a strawberry ice cream large bubbled head. Almost lilac tinges at the edge of the glass.

Nose: Black cherry. Slight strawberry and some gooseberry sour. Ice cream sorbet.

Body: Tart cherries and shortbread. Bubble gum. Black cherry back and grapes. Very full flavour, almost to a sickly degree. Thick textured.

Finish: Apples. Cider and slight vinegar sourness. Bubblegum again. White wine. Slightly wheat styled.

Conclusion:  Ah Delirium, a balanced beer you have never made.  Not to insult the range, they make tasty beers, but almost always In a way that involves a cascading clash of insane flavours. This beer does not break that trend.

Bubble gummy, fruity and full. Its abv however puts it far away from the session beer style that fruit beers normally sit so well into, again casting convention to the winds so it seems.

It’s fun and fresh with a familiar beer texture under the fruit. A decent beer with unsure purpose.  A beer of whimsy mayhap then, as it was when I found it  Not a beer then to hunt out, instead allow the beer to hunt out you and if it finds you on an appropriate day then enjoy the happenstance and consume it

Background: Enjoyed cold in the Gent sun during an unseasonably warm day (Thus activating my rare “times it’s ok to really chill a beer down” clause). Tried as so far Delirium beers have been fun if oft uneven, often bringing wild contrasting flavours to the game.

Brouwerij Huyghe : Delirium Noël (Belgium: Belgium Strong Ale: 10% ABV)

Visual: Clear light cherry red, initial light head that dissipates quickly.

Nose: Glazed cherries, port, cinnamon. Light sugar dust
Body: Cherry cake, figs, cream. Golden syrup cake, Plums. Spicy with a rising bitter core. Definite sweetness.

Finish: More cherry, dry snaps and syrup. Brown sugar. A touch dry at the end. A nice dusty sweetness.

Conclusion: A lovely rich beer, complex and cheery. Lots of sweet cherries with just enough bitterness backing it to make it pleasant. Somewhat port and brandy like with cake notes makes this a very relaxing and warming beer with some slight spices.

This is up with the top Christmas beers and far above the already high standard set by the delirium range. Well worth enjoying. Somewhat like an easier going winterbock.

The huge amount of sweet cherry makes this a good beer to go with maybe some plum pudding and cheese.
Very good.

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