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Brewdog Celt Home Of The Fruitcakes
Brewdog: Celt Experience: Home Of The Fruitcakes (Wales: Fruit Saison: 6% ABV)

Visual: Strawberry red to peach. White dash at the edges but no real head. Clear. Almost looks like rose wine in light.

Nose: Strawberry yogurt. Raspberry ripple ice cream. Cream. Ice cream syrup. Peach.

Body: Sparkling and evanescent feel. Some oak. Light strawberry and peach. Slight funky yeast feel. Light grapes.

Finish: Cheese puffs. Dry oak. Wet air. Funky yeast. Peach. Malt chocolate.

Conclusion: You know, for collabfest this year, this is almost normal. By which I mean it is full of peach melba spritzer notes that is in fact a saison. With strawberries. and raspberries.

My definition of normal is fucked.

The aroma is wonderful – creamy and full of varied red fruit notes, mixing to create calls to strawberries and cream and raspberry ripple ice cream. The body is simpler, and less full bodied. It pulls peach elements from somewhere, and I honestly couldn’t tell you where, and uses some of that funky Belgian yeast character in feel to remind you it is a sasion, but doesn’t pull in more of the base saison than that. It means that the beer really doesn’t progress beyond feeling fun – which is not bad thing in itself, but doesn’t make for a classic beer. It manages to avoid a lot of the flaws of similarly fun fruit beers, it never feels cheap or syrupy however it is dominated by a few flavours and doesn’t really round itself out which means it misses its chance to really shine.

As mentioned the base saison really doesn’t push through – you get some rustic character, a bit of funky yeast, but it really doesn’t make the most of that part. It is light fun, and despite not having any peach in it, It does seem like a peach melba or strawberry ice cream beer. Simple and fun, but not much to come back to

So, a fun experience, but not a great one.

Background: Beer six of Collabfest 2014! At this point another drinker joined us as we had a seat spare – I love Brewdog pubs for stuff life this, you get a chance to just chat with fellow craft beer fans. Anyway, this one is a sasion made with raspberry and strawberry with, and- i quote – “a literal ton” of fruit. As always I am not an unbiased actor on Brewdog beers.

614 Annees

Celt Experience: Saint-Germain: 614 Annees (Wales: Imperial Porter: 8.5% ABV)

Visual: Black. Loose off white head.

Nose: Rye. Toffee. Bourbon. Orange zest. Malt chocolate. Peppercorn. Vanilla. Light nuts. Treacle.

Body: Chocolate liquore. Thick. Brown bread or bagel. Molasses. Treacle toffee. Fudge. Rye spice. Sweet orange liquore. Cinnamon. Cream centres.

Finish: Rye. Orange. Dry spice. Light lime sorbet and orange sorbet. Charring. Smoke.

Conclusion: A competitor for the place of awesome cask porter that can go head to head with Bristol United’s Collaboration Smoked Porter. Both are collaboration ales, both porters, though this is a tad stronger, and this uses rye instead of smoked malt.

This thing is smooth, sweet and huge. Even the aroma feels chewable, and the body more so. It mixes molasses, treacle and fudge, with even the spice coming in as sweet cinnamon. You do get hints of the drier rye spice, but far from too harshly, just harsh enough to add a bit of backbone to it.

What brings such joy for this is the unexpected level of chocolate fruit centres you get in the sweetness, light orange and lime in a subtle sorbet style some times, and in line with the thick creaminess of the over the top flavours at other times. The texture definitely helps – it is very creamy, very much a feel that allows the flavour grip. It is like a slightly harsh dessert with smoke and spice.

The treacle and toffee are thick as sin, but they do not overwhelm, there is so much going on. The flavours are complex, from the sweet surface notes, to hints of spice below. There is such great contrast, and such a great feel that you can return to it again and again.

Easily a competitor with Collaboration Smoked Porter. Not session beer, no, a heavy and decadent Celt Experience. They have done themselves proud here. This is lovely.

Background: Last of the three cask ales I reviewed at the Cardiff CAMRA beer festival. I drank more beers after, but I don’t tend to trust my tastebuds enough for a review after three. This big boy I saved for last, a strong porter made with rye and cascade hops. This was made in collaboration with the French craft brewers Saint-Germain, who I don’t think I have run into before. Incidentally this beer fest had a bloody Fosters stand. A busy Fosters stand. My friend, below, shows our shared opinion on this matter.


Celt Experience Bleddyn 1075 (Wales: Strong Pale Ale 7.6% ABV)

Visual: Light bronzed amber with a light dusting of white froth.

Nose: Chedder cheese; hops, mature corn chips

Body: Sweet, orange, citrus, golden syrup, touch of lime. Mature cheddar.

Finish: Brown sugar; orange juice. Hoppiness sinks in after a few sips.

Conclusion: A nice sweet rounded beer; Thankfully not so overly sweet that it becomes sickly. A good pork pie would go perfect with it to balance the flavours. Lots of fruit flavours on the main body. Worth a go, especially with a few savory snacks on the side.

(Notes: Apologies to the kind bar staff at the Royal Oak; After their kind posing with the bar pump my photo skills ended up leaving a lot to be desired 😦 )

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