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Moor: Bath Ales: St Austell: Dark Knight Weisse (England: Dunkelweizen: 5.1% ABV)

Visual: Dark reddish brown. Large bubbled brown head.

Nose: Nutty and soft lemon mix. Tobacco. Wheaty. Malt chocolate. Slight cloying sour cream note.

Body: Malt chocolate. Vanilla toffee. Tobacco. Wheat. Moderate thickness of texture. Light coriander. Smoke. Light lemon and lime hop character.

Finish: Wheaty. Malt chocolate. Brown bread. Lightly nutty. Moderate bitterness and hop character. Smoke. Light lime hops.

Conclusion: This is definitely, well, darker that the usual Dunkel Weisse flavours. A standard dunkel weisse, to my mind, deals with the wheat and malt chocolate notes as a base – which admittedly this does – but I haven’t encountered one that brings this stodgy, smokey tobacco flavour to the middle like this does.

It has just mildly more hop character than you would normally get as well – not hugely so, just some more noticeable bitterness and some subtle citrus hop flavours under the bigger malt, tobacco and malt.

It is pretty pleasant – it has a good texture that is generally smooth but with a bit of a wheat grip. It cleaves close enough to the standard dunkel weisse style but pushes things just slightly towards a heavier experience. Pleasant, ya know?

Nothing in it pushes it to special – but it is a well done beer in a style variant I have not seen done before. I think this could be a good beer to go with beef dishes – it is not complex enough to be heavily examined by itself, but is strong flavoured enough to complement the meat I feel. That is a guess. I haven’t tried it with beef yet.

So, solid, smoked – not stand out great but no complaints.

Background: Hit Moor’s tap-house recently and very much enjoyed the beers there – so decided to grab this collaboration of theirs from Independent Spirit for more Moor beer tasting note goodness. This was back from before I had finished Dark Souls 2 and was hammering my head against the Frigid Outskirts area. Seriously, screw that area. Anyway, basically I needed a good beer is what I am saying. Drunk while listening to more of the epic goodness that is Two Steps From Hell.


Hohenthanner Holzhacker Hefe-Weisse Dunkel

Hohenthanner: Holzhacker Hefe-Weisse Dunkel (Germany: Dunkelweizen: 5.2% ABV)

Visual: Ruddy brown. Large brown bubble mound head.

Nose: Cinnamon. Carrot. Coriander. Wheat. Malt chocolate. Light spicy nutmeg.

Body: Blood orange zest. Nutmeg. Wheaty. Light bitterness. Nutty. Sweet malt chocolate. Carrot and coriander.

Finish: Fresh lemon sharp note. Low bitterness. Wheat. Orange peel. Nutmeg. Light toffee.

Conclusion: Often I really want to enjoy a Dunkel Weisse, I really do, but so often, instead of bringing a malt load to back up the awesome weisse flavour I end up with muddy malt shitting all over everything I enjoy in a wheat beer.

Bit of an ominous start to a tasting note, no?

However, be not put off all ye intrepid beer hunters, this is one of the good ones. I think this is one of the few situations I can say no, no this is “one of the good ones” without it coming across as massively racist.

Anyway, cleverly this takes the citrus weisse flavours, but instead of that easily muddled lighter flavours you instead get strong blood orange, for the spice you get coriander and nutmeg – the elements are familiar but tweaked so to kick against the larger malt background.

Speaking of the malt back, it is a nice mix of soothing nuttiness and sweet malt, with that slight roughness of wheat character. It keeps the refreshing nature of a wheat beer, but gives a bit of a grip for the darker malt beer lover.

Another interesting quirk is a slight call to Belgian wit with a carrot and coriander set of notes, not heavily but it gives a more rustic rounding which both gives range and a balance against the fresher notes.

Overall a solid Dunkel weizen, different, rounded and making good use of both the dunkel and the weizen. A good effort in an oft ill handled style.

Background: I had to look up how to spell that. I am really, really bad at reading German lettering it seems. I haven’t had a good dunkelweizen for a while, so grabbed this from Independent Spirit when I saw it. Drunk while listening to a violin version of the Attack On Titan theme. No prizes for guessing what I’m obsessed with currently.

Pressure Drop Freimann’s Dunkelweiss

Pressure Drop: Freimann’s Dunkelweiss (England: Smoked Dunkelweizen: 4.8% ABV)

Visual: Dark cloudy brown. Massive browned mounded head.

Nose: Very smoked meat –bacon and salami. Peat. Some crisp wheat.

Body: Malt chocolate. Smoke and smoked bacon. Brown sugar. Wheat. Salami. Prickly feel. Cola bottles.

Finish: Brown sugar. Wheat. Smoke. Chocolate. Liquorice and treacle. Cola.

Conclusion: There is more to this than I first gave it credit for. You see, I had this on keg a few weeks back and it was nice but very one note. Utterly dominated by the massive smoked meat. Fun, but due to being so one note I was bored by the end.

No massive meat jokes please.

Here the smoked meat is still a chewable and appetising plan A for the beer, but let it flow around a bit and you can see that they have a plan B for when A gets a tad dull. Plan B is the base dunkel weisse showing through, malt chocolate and a wheat texture, giving something a bit easier to cling onto and get some relief from the weighty meal that plan A lays before you.

What doesn’t work quite as well in Plan B is a kind of cola and brown sugar sweetness that comes in. Now, I would often be impressed by a counterbalancing element like that, and I can see what it is doing, trying to add a sweet element as an offset, but it doesn’t quite work here and just ends up as a sickly touch.

Thankfully it isn’t really that big of an element, just a slight side note. The main course of the beer, while not wide ranging, is one you can really get your teeth into. So, while it isn’t as good as say the best of the Aecht Schlenkerla smoke beers (and even they can be hit or miss for me depending on the version), but it still gives enough to get your teeth into.

A satisfying beer, and not a style you often see on offer, let alone in the UK, so I applaud Pressure Drop for their willingness to take risks. It holds up well enough, but not enough to be special.

Background: I do like a good weisse, Dunkel or otherwise, but as prolific as they are in Germany, they are hard to find made elsewhere. So when I saw that this London Craft Brewery had not just turned out a Dunkel Weisse, but a smoked Dunkel Weisse I decided to give it a try. Then, a few days after I bought the bottle I found it on tap at the porter. So I have now tried this in two formats. This was finally drunk the day after going to See Scroobius Pip vs Dan Le Sac for the second time this year, and so I was listening to the newly picked up “Logic Of Chance” album. I was unsure about using the Aventinus glass for a 330ml bottle, but I guessed a vigorous pour would result in a just right head, and so it did. This was picked up from the forefront of the Bath bottle scene, “Independent Spirit”.

Maisels Weisse Dunkel (Germany: Dunkel weizen: 5.2% ABV)

Visual: Cloudy reddish brown, a shimmering range of colour and a moderate off white head.

Nose: Malty chocolate, coriander and wheat.

Body: Ovaltine, lots of wheat, malt.

Finish: Cherry liquor and milk chocolate. Lemon. Slightly bitter and charred end, lightly done. Black hard liquorice bits at the back.

Conclusion: A decent dunkel with a great finish as I’m coming to expect from the Maisel range, yet this one has a decent body to match.

Decent lasting flavour with masterful balance, this is well crafted dunkel with summer freshness and slight bitter chocolate intermixed.

A good outing and in the better half of the dunkel set for sure.

Kauzen Weissbier Dunkel (Germany: Dunkel Weiss : 5% ABV)

Visual: A crystallised ruby brown with many rushing bubbles and an expressive frothy head that roars forth, yet settles quickly.

Nose; Lemon fresh and hoppy. Plenty of wheat and creamy elements, just a little malt and sharp.

Body: Touch of malt. Light wheated, the character is thin at the back. Slight wood, malt chocolate, sourness and banana.

Finish: Sharp and citrus. Refreshing, bitter and some peanuts distinctly come through. Jiff lemon and malt chocolate.

Conclusion: Refreshing but somehow lacking. It has the fine fresh elements of a good weissbier but the main body is weak.

You can find traces of flavour which are in the light character, as you drink the pint they do build up to a more rounded character but for half the drink they are light and lacking.

Near the end the malt and chocolate are more expressive and the beer opens up well but it is a little too late.

An unimpressive example of the style, but yet still so refreshing.

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