Gouden Carolus Easter Beer (Belgium: Belgium Strong Ale: 10%)


Visual: Dark mix of deep red and black cherry. A shallow light head over a noticeably thick beer

Nose: Rich slightly over ripe fruit, mildest of hops, milk

Body: Very thick creamy texture; almonds and cream, black forest gateaux

Finish: Air of brandy cream. Almost coats the taste buds with a thick sheen. More nuttiness at the very end

Conclusion: A heavy duty sweet and alcohol heavy beer that perfectly suits its season. Maybe a touch too sweet and heavy, should definitely be shared with friends so not to become sickly. Some savoury snacks to refresh the palette would not go amiss. However still a corker of a beer and feels very luxurious.

Guest Taster Will:

Visual: Dark, slightly red with a thin light brown head

Nose: Sharp at the end and rich

Body: Oh Nice! Round, toffee, lots of honey

Finish: Velvet