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As someone who considers themselves a feminist, and a massive fan of beer I have been thinking about doing an article on how to try and make the oft male dominated beer scene more open to women.

The main problem is that the first entry on the articles list is

1)      Why the hell are you listening to a bloke about this?

Seriously. Why is it when people get together  to discuss this you tend to see a bunch of blokes talking about what women want and never seem to actually, ya know ask women?

I can write an article on what I have seen, and heard and what I think would help, but as a cis bloke I’ve not really had any personal experience in the matter.  Thankfully there are groups out there who take this seriously. For example Purity Brewing’s femALE events and their many Q and A’s with women to find out what they like and how to better make a culture that is open to them.

I would like to point out that after seeing Oz and Hugh’s meeting with the Purity Team and the women of the session I have a newfound respect at Purity’s willpower to not glass the two for the condescending questions them came up with during filming.

Anyway, the reason this came up is I saw an article at the Guardian on Real Ale and the GBBF from the female point of view. I found it interesting as it quoted the beer culture rather than the beer styles as often being the main exclusionary point in the beer world. As someone who has commented a few times on beer culture myself it was pretty interesting to see this view on the matter.

Anyway, so I thought best thing I can do myself is not make a list of what I the man thinks would make things better, but try to do my little bit to help the voice of the people actually affected be heard. Before anyone comments yes I am aware my readership is just a tad smaller than the Guardians, but every little helps.

So anyway the article is


I’ll put up links to more as and when I encounter them, any recommendations in the comments would be highly appreciated

A final thought on why people should listen more to these articles than me on such matters. I was at a whisky show, which can often have similar issues to the beer scene, and encountered a woman who bemoaned the fact that every tosser at the stands kept offering her whisky with “Oh it goes great with ginger, lime, whatever the hell they wanted to sully good whisky with” just because she was a woman.

My advice was that next time that happened to ask for a fresh glass for the whisky as her current glass was dirty, break the glass off at the stem, plunge the stem into the tossers eye then hand them the original glass and say “Whisky. Neat. and stop fucking about”

Drinking in the Shadow of the Five Rings

The Great British Beer Festival. Usually the highlight of the year for London beer drinkers, where they would congregate at Earls Court. This year, well someone decided to run some small piddling athletics thing called the Olympics in there so we got shunted over to the Olympia.

Seriously I’m fairly sure there are more people who have a pint once a week than there are people who do exercise one a week. That’s all I’m saying.

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