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Nick Stafford’s Hambleton Ales: Stallion Amber (England: Bitter: 4.2% ABV)

Visual: Light chestnut to gold. Clear. Moderate off white bubbled head. Small bubbled carbonation.

Nose: Vanilla. Nutty. Musty sour dough.

Body: Light earthy bitterness. Fluffy mouthfeel. Lightly creamy. Palma violets. Light marmalade zestiness. Toffee. Marshmallow.

Finish: Fresh sour dough. Chives. Light earthy bitterness, that grows to moderate bitterness. Light marmalade. Very milky coffee. Marshmallow. Lightly prickly.

Conclusion: Ok, the beer I had in my hand when I first stared drinking this, and the beer I am supping on now are very different things to each other. Usually I would blame such a shift on me getting drunk while doing the notes, but since this is a moderate 4.2% ABV I think that is unlikely to be the case here.

Early on it is fairly earthy, with sour dough like notes amongst the earthiness – so a fairly standard earthy hopped British bitter dressed up in light calls to amber ale style clothing then. Then, over time it gets … creamier .. or maybe fluffier, then light marmalade notes and toffee sweetness comes out while still being nestled in the earthy bitter heart.

It feels marshmallow like in fluffiness, but without the sweetness you would associate with that. It has all the elements that make an earthy bitter work, but then a bit of extra, more unusual note such as palma violet like notes which call to more noble hop styling, and marmalade notes that give it a bit of extra pep late on.

It is definitely not a must have, but it is more than it first appears. Ok, nice progression definitely, but far from a world shaker.

Background: Nick Stafford’s Hambleton Ales – man it has been a while since I drank one of these – anyway, my family were visiting from Yorkshire so they brought down some good old northern beers for me to try. This being the first. Many thanks! I am a tad biased towards the North, but not so much as it should affect the notes. Not much to say – put on Foo Fighters – The Colour and The Shape to listen to, which had been on my mind since Scroobius Pip mentioned them in his podcast.


Nick Stafford: Hambleton Ales: Nightmare Stout (England: Stout:5%)

Visual: Extreme dark red to the point of blackness with a creamy brownish head of moderate thickness.

Nose: Creamy, stewed apples and black treacle. Vanilla essence and cheap ice cream.

Body: Burnt wood, chocolate. Thick and slightly oily, Sweet but biting back. Syrupy. Tiny coffee bitterness.

Finish: Treacle/Syrup. More burnt and bitter elements. Slightly dry touch.

Conclusion: A good firm stout, thick and slightly sweet but with enough punch coming through. Heavy enough to take your time on but not sickly.

Well created and balanced. This is a great example of a stout with a lower gravity.

Maybe slightly too sweet for some, but would cut just right with some seafood.

Nick Stafford: Hambleton Ales: Taylors Tipple: (England: ESB: 4.5% ABV)

Visual: Orange brown, clear and flat with a small off white head.

Nose: Lots of citrus, raspberry, banana syrup – possible banana split and dessert topping. Somewhat like a weaker version of the Innis and Gunn IPA head.

Body: Very sweet with an almost whisky taste. Over ripe fruit with sugar forming. Some chocolate malt. Bananas again, quite sherbet like and sharp.

Finish: malty, sweet; some wood, dry afterfeel. Not too long.

Conclusion: Competes very well with the similar styled Speckled Hen; somewhat too sweet and the finish lacks but makes up for it with a nice fruity body with a whisky kick.

Am interesting beer if not fully realised – a good solid pint and a thirst quencher, with just a touch more work this could be premium quality beer.

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